The game is unplayable for axis for over 3 weeks now. Axis players are worse than AI

I have lost about 90% of my matches for the last 2-3 weeks, despite having usually better scores than even the best of the enemy team.

I am done, I can’t play this game any longer, my level of frustration is on a ridiculous level right now.

doesn’t matter what BR I pick, I am always alone.

All the bloody event squads have flooded High BR matches with total noobs, 80% of the total axis player base are incapable of reaching 10 total kills in a single match.

I am loosing my mind.


Yep, they are like lemmings now.


I am willing to group up with anyone who wants to play Germany. I do have presets for BR2, BR3 and BR5. But it would be better if there were more than two of us.

Btw. Do not forget Germans are in disadvantage in manner of tickets/reserve points against US. (don’t know about if that’s the case if they’re facing soviets).


I bet you and I are enough to end this madness, where you from mate?

I have also noticed that and i could say same about the JP players.


is that actually still a thing? how have the devs not changed that since we have constantly asked for equal ticket points for all sides? what is this nonsense?

I really do not think so tbh xD

i am playing mainly on EU server.

Because nobody bothers to play defence 24/7 surprisingly.


So I just invited you Adamnpee, anyone else wanna join us? Also, someone got way to communicate? My god, this even frustrates me more now… the fact the there is no chat system outside of the gamelobby.

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I haven’t received any invitation lol

you could technically use the in game voice chat if you have a microphone when you’re in the menu

i know right? me and other have suggest it before

but that was like what 6 month ago now i think

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maybe your forum name is different to your ingame name? because there is one Adamnpee that is written the same way that I have just invited

I’ve send you friend invitation and it was automatically accepted. Unless you are quick as fck.

strange also didnt have to accept

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see this is why they should add direct message in game altho that could be toxic it would still be helpful


so lets rock I guess, no one else wanna join? btw what BR? I got all BRs ready.

DF has obviously gone mad at this point so I cannot blame the Germans for not wanting to play a rigged match

My last match :joy:


yep it why i am farming russian gear rn before the german come back (i recently just got avs and i need to unlock those russian tank gonna take a while)