The Battle of Guadalcanal

Battles in the Pacific were a great challenge for the U.S. Army not only militarily, but also logistically. The large number of islands caused huge losses during their assault, and even going around them was dangerous - several Japanese airfields threatened the supply ships of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Among such “island fortresses” was the island of Guadalcanal. Since May 1942, Japan had been building a whole network of airfields on it, which was extremely dangerous for the Allied forces. The invasion was necessary, but was greatly complicated by a parallel operation in the Solomon Islands. However, U.S. Admiral Ernest King managed to find the resources for the landing and convinced the command that the new operation did not conflict with offensive plans.

The Battle of Guadalcanal can be called a turning point: it was one of the first major defeats of Japan, which forced it to cease offensive operations and go on the defensive.

From August 7th (13:00 UTC) to August 11th (13:00 UTC) you can get rewards for completing tasks in any campaign.


4x silver orders for soldiers

4x silver orders for soldiers

Take part in 3 battles.

1x order for vehicle upgrade

1x order for vehicle upgrade

Destroy 3 tanks.

5x silver weapon orders

5x silver weapon orders

Kill 40 enemies using a submachine gun.


  • The tasks need to be completed in the Squads mode.
  • The tasks reset every day at 13:00 UTC.
  • Event tasks can be completed simultaneously.
  • Event rewards can be obtained every day.


To celebrate this historic event, squads with amphibious tanks and assaulters with unique weapons are back on sale as we previously announced. They will be available in the Pacific war campaign from August 8th.


The LVT(A)(1) is an amphibious infantry support tank of the LVT family, widely used by the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Army during World War II. The LVT(A)(1) combines the mobility of an armored personnel carrier with the firepower and protection of a tank. It is equipped with a 37mm M6 cannon and three 7.62mm M1919A4 machine guns, making it effective against armored threats and providing fire support for infantry.


The Ka-Chi is an amphibious medium tank based on a heavily modified version of the Army’s Type 1 Chi-He chassis. It was widely used by the Japanese army during World War II. The tank is capable of moving through the water using its tracks for propulsion, while the front and rear flotation pontoons provide buoyancy and stability. The Ka-Chi features solid armor and 47mm Type 1 cannon.


The squad consists of 5 soldiers, 4 assaulters and 1 engineer. They are armed with the Thompson M1928 USMC submachine gun. This variant of the Thompson M1928, equipped with a muzzle brake and a comfortable forward grip, was used by the US Marine Corps (USMC).


The squad consists of 5 soldiers, 4 assaulters and 1 engineer. They are armed with the Type 1 SMG, a compact Japanese submachine gun with a large 50-round magazine designed for close-quarters combat.


The Japanese and Italians and the Germans exist so why isn’t there more art for them and just so much allied art


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Where is the store link?
And what’s the price?

More of a sale than event


Small update in news for it

Keep crying about everything , cry baby.


Small events like this are sweet.
Can we see some amphibious vehicles as event vehicles though?


I want equality For art On both sides of the war

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Then make your own.

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What? There’s plenty of game artwork depicting the Axis…

People will complain about anything these days.


So is this the plan now? Just put out events with limited time purchases of content that used to be a constant.

What about the big changes that we keep getting promised?

The merge- delayed again- there are a fair number of new players that are coming in (at least that I have seen on xbox) that like the game in theory but are repeatedly getting decimated by end tier equipment, and are already to quit the game!

Change to Meta-Game, still waiting on more details from this “announcement”. Still have flamethrowers, paratroopers, and assaulters ruling the fields in the meantime.

Will we be getting any kind of rework for defenders?
It can be seen in most maps already but especially will so in this “Battle of Guadalcanal” Event. Defenders are getting absolutely annihilated EVERY GAME.
(Pacific Campaign is especially bad due to how many objectives are outdoors and buildings with thin walls, as well as the use of the American SPAA and the M8 Scott. Defenders on the Japanese side are completely screwed, while the American side has a small chance at least just due to the superiority of their tanks.)
So much so that I’m seeing players quit out as soon as they load in when it is defense.

  • Fortifications are hard enough to try to set up in the first place due to lack of time and no knowledge of where next objectives are going to be

  • Defensive fortifications might as well be made out of paper as they get shredded by every nearby explosion, or god forbid an artillery strike that destroys everything even INSIDE of buildings.

  • Despite it requiring an engineer to build, the fortifications are being broken down by infantry without ANY special tools.

  • Attackers can simply use WP from outside the building to clear out rooms inside due to the gas going through walls.

  • and so many more issues.

Can I at least get a response that the devs are hearing the concerns of defenders @ChuchaDrucha ?


At this point I do not think the devs even care about the defenders anymore they’re much happier with the fast-paced gameplay


Lol so you prefer no event? This kind of event use little time to make so it will not effect the merge. If there is no such event you will only receive nothing from dev.

Lol stop connecting two different things together. How is this event related to the problem you mentioned?

Lol stop exaggerating things. Attacking or defending doesn’t matter much. The popularity of the faction you choose matters more.

This post can be much better if you stop connecting unrelated things together and stop exaggerating things lol.


It’s more focused on the allies perspective and rarely of the other side of the war there’s a few but not much

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Unless you’re marketing it just only towards US players there are people who are also playing on the other side of the war not just the Allies


There are also soviet events too, even your list states that.
They just brought up Guadalcanal because it was an important battle in the Pacific and it started 81 years ago today.



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It doesn’t mean it always has to focus on the allies perspective it could be a mix as well if nothing else not just the allies side

Content will come as time goes.

Patience, and axis side will have more content on another event.


Still doesn’t mean there’s not an overwhelming amount of allied art versus the other side of the war