Terrible balance skewed towards axis and catering to majority of playerbase at the expense of allies mains

Win rates should be 50% right? well guess what, US WR = 25%, USSR WR = 39%, German WR = 80%!!!?!?!?!?.
HECK even with the “old” campaigns my Berlin Axis WR was 50% while my Allies was at 35%, I’m tired of BLATANT axis bias.


Deal with it or leave.


Then complain to the playerbase… it’s the only bias there truly is.


should have play before the new jap content update then sheesh


Is not fault of the developers there is no axis bias, players prefere play as axis thats it


low BR = Soviet bias, high BR = Soviet and Japanese Bias

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And the bias against free StuGs and Super Pershing.


I can agree with the Soviets but not for Japan because once the veterans leave and what little Japan defenders they have left will be screwed.

Blame DF for giving content to one side instead of balancing it out for all factions

To expand on what someone else pointed out. The way matchmaking works in this game. Whatever team with the most players looking for games will have full teams of players. The other team will get more bots. Also, generally speaking, experienced players will be queueing for one team, specifically, which leads to stacks of experienced players on one side, compounding the problem.

I think.

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that winrate used to look very very differently in the past month.

Faction bias has switched again it seems.

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it switch since the pershing drop tbh

Axis faction attracts lots of players because of the largest variety of weapons. There is not much the devs can do other than add xp booster for picking random faction

or… add more guns to the allies (and japan frankly) while concluding that “germany has enough”…

at most I’d give germany their wish of a beltfed in the form of the MG15Na (Bergman)…


Give nothing. I would rather have 20 % win-rate than give another advantage to Germans.



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Looks like someone had a bad day, playing with the Americans.

A month ago I lost 6 of 10 games with Germany.
Our player base had gone to other factions, it seems they are back. Rough games made me a better player.

I am able to carry , bots ,campers and bad players, and those who do not build rally
I am a killing machine , strategic , general tactic
all thanks to those hard games

I’m main Germany and I love kicking allies. Now I’m playing Japanese because I want to continue kicking them in the Pacific. If the games get rough in the axis I will return.

I have been a player since December of last year.
Play another faction and have fun or join the Axis of Evil

The solution is not to complain but I have 75% victories in all factions.

This sounds like SKILL ISSUE

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There is no skill based matchmaking so winrate is entirely based on individual efforts toward the team and who you team up with and against. There is however a flow to what side has more players and as such their winrates go up with things such as new unlocks, new event squads / weapons and such.

I play about everything evenly and see my win rates around the same across the factions.


The Axis Bias currently is because of the new Axis Germany engineer squad and the added BR V Japan equipment (which used to cap at BR IV btw). As such many are playing the new stuff. What has US UKC gotten lately? the M29 which turned out to not be dominant and there was more shiny stuff in other trees.

But fear not. Japan and US UKC will be getting their engineers soon™ and the swing will turn to US UKC and Japan. The community has done this for 3 years, nothing new.

nice bait

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Usa does need some new guns for t5 but giving too much stuff would backfire. We saw what happened with japan when they got ton of new stuff. Now japan is steamrolling everyone