Temporarily available: Unique premium squads for the USSR and USA

On the night of May 8th, 1945, the document that marked the unconditional victory of the Allied forces over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II in Europe came into effect.

From May 8th (13:00 UTC) to May 12th (13:00 UTC), several unique premium squads for the Allies will temporarily return to the shop for Gold!


Assaulters with PPD-40 DSZ (BR IV)

The squad consists of 4 soldiers armed with a rare variant of the PPD-40, produced by Shipyard No. 202 in Vladivostok, and there is an extra slot for an engineer. This submachine gun is distinguished by its muzzle device, a muzzle brake and compensator and the possibility of installing the SVT-40 bayonet.

Engineers with SKS-31 (BR II)

A squad of 4 engineers armed with a prototype self-loading carbine of the Simonov system. From the outside, it already closely resembles the final version of the SKS, adopted for service in 1949, except that its 7.62x54R cartridge is completely different, making it a full-fledged rifle. The integral 5-round magazine can be loaded with stripper clips or one cartridge at a time.


Assaulters with UD M42 (BR II)

A 5 soldier squad: 4 assaulters and an engineer with a wide range of buildable structures, armed with a uniquely designed American submachine gun with a double magazine. The small magazine capacity is compensated by fast reload times and overall low recoil.

Fighter pilot with Tempest MK.V (BR V)

A British fighter with four 20 mm Hispano Mk.V cannons and two 500 lb bombs. This versatile armament allows it to provide both air support for the infantry and easily deal with enemy aircraft.




will you release the road map?
when will Axis get an event specific to them like the current one? considering that Allies just got an event with nothing but allied rewards.
when will customization get fixed?
when will premium vehicles get customization?
when will subfactions get improved?
these are the immediate questions that I have.


yes i feel the above questions are fair and reasonable as alot of things are starting to accumulate now.

even an update on steam would be good

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yep, Darkflow has its plate full and somehow they dont even seem to work on these.

Even forum regulars are getting less active, because there is no point on being here, kinda disheartening.


Nice, going to get sks finally.

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even streamers are moving on from it and changing enlisted days here and there to other games

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Atm they won’t have time for a roadmap. About the rest we need a proper answer as the real one is long overdue.

Yeah i feel like i will die of old age before the game gets proper new content. And no, 2 new tanks /BP season, and 3 new weapons are not “proper new” content.

If the game had proper new content, i wouldn’t spend 90% of my enlisted playtime in the editor.

No offense devs…really.


Spoiler alert, it sucks

With the merge, they essentially cut back their workload significantly as they don’t need to work on multiple campaigns to develop new BP weapons/vehicles, new event rewards, and new weapons individually. But still they continue to deliver content at a snail’s pace(Don’t mind the pun.), and cannot fix bugs that are really disrupting the gameplay. I feel like this game is being left by the wayside day by day.


PPD40 DSZ huh? i will try it out since i dont think i ever did try using it before

5 rounds and meh dispersion, what do you expect.

I expect at least 5 members in the squad…. But instead we get 4. Crazy seeing as the event engineer squad has 6 engineers.


I’d like to know where’s the free steam version? We need new players, there’s too many guys asking for it.


Spoiler alert, I don’t play only meta stuff.

I own majority of 4 men engineering squads


Neither do I. But this thing is pure garbage and a waste of gold.


i thought they were to fix the bipod thingy next update
doesn’t that count?

I am awaiting something for japan…


TBF only the bayonet PPD is worth it for infantry sqds, tempest is meh, since allies have enough decent cas planes in high brs.

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