Temporarily available: Tokarev’s Legacy

One of the most famous creations of Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev was the SVT - a semi-auto rifle of his design. Other gunsmiths and Tokarev himself repeatedly attempted to improve it, but not all of these modifications became widespread.

From June 13th (15:00 UTC) to June 16th (15:00 UTC), a unique premium squad with the rare modification of Tokarev’s rifle for the USSR will temporarily return to the shop for Gold!


The squad is armed with AKT-40s - an automatic carbine based on the SVT-40. Tokarev submitted it for testing in 1940 and it was intended for the same purposes as the full-size rifle - but it was lighter, shorter, and capable of automatic fire at 660 rounds per minute.

The carbine is fitted with a bayonet and uses the same 10-round magazines as the SVT. The squad consists of 9 rifleman class soldiers.


For how much gold?

Only 5.6K Gold

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yo AKT40 owner is it good?

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It recently received an ammo reserve buff at 10/100. Soldiers have no vitality. Firearm itself is good.
I have had it since Moscow campaign.


Nope avt all the way, akt has worse recoil and less ammo


So, is this all for today? Well, keep waiting :>

I love this game but I’m getting sick of these obscene prices! I reckon if prices were lowered to around $10 for a premium squad Gaijin/DF would see an increase in sales and profits. People may feel more inclined to spend $10 here and there compared to $50. For example, I am never going to pay that much for content when I could buy a new AAA full game for the same price.

Damn that bloody horse armour!!


the only problem with it, is the BR…

It’s a SF rifle, so it’s classed as BR IV. problem is, recoil is insane (realistic for once!) and has a 10 rounds magazine.

You’ll end up using this as semi auto mode. and at BR IV (which means BR V), AVT-40 is just better in every way. Even AVS. or even plain semi SVT40.


Only 5.6K Gold


Absolute joke. 1500 Gold at best lmao

The AKT is a terrible weapon too


It’s weird… I’m pretty sure it used to cost WAAAAAAY less, back in Moscow campaign days.

I got it at 50% off, sure… but still…

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It also costed 5600 gold in moscow campaign


Then it must just be that I bought it at 50% off.

It’s been so long ago…

Resonable prices, just go all the way like riot with 500$ skin, nobody is stopping you.
Only whales buy it anyway so milk them harder please

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56, fifty six, dollars for this terrible premium squad, oh my GOD lmfao


If ±0 MM was a thing, then yes. But currently it is not.


I am still advocating for BR 1-2 / BR 3-4 / BR5 as the matchmaking brackets, maybe this thing would be a niche but interesting pick for a battle rifle


That would just kill 1 and 3. I would prefer something like 1-2-3, 3-4-5, and 5-6. All current turbo-meta gear would move to 6. This would give every BR except 1 a justifiable niche to use.

Overpriced, and there’s no reason to use it as it put in the same BR as AVT-40 unless the matchmaking was something like 1-2, 3-4, 5. That’s the way its potential as BR4 weapon might be shine.

Similar case that rarely saw anyone use PPSh-41 after they got Federov, AS-44 as it’s a BR5. If it’s BR4 and with the said matchmaking, would have seen more use of it. Shame to see this iconic weapon lost its potential.