Temporarily available: Motivated Pz.IV J "Battle Scars"

The German High Command made extraordinary efforts to extract this unusual Pz.IV J from the GSe07 fallout zone, and it was even harder to get the over-motivated crew out of it. But now you can take it for a spin too! The tank bears the marks of a dozen battles and is partially coated with red primer, which the Germans used when there was a shortage of paint for camouflage.

The Pz.IV J “Battle Scars” is available for Gold in the Special Offers tab of the shop.

Note: The tank does not come with a squad, to use it you need the German Tanker II squad (33rd Panzer Regiment).


So this is where the unrealistic nonsense started, great.

Golden weapons when?


I would like it if I could have some zombie cosmetics in tier 5 in public matchs

i mean you havent seen (ah i forgot the game name shuck) but that game zombie tank is even more unrealistic (at least in enlisted it still look like a panzer)



True but it doesn’t compare to all the other stuff I’m seeing at that level

Btw, previously such things were event rewards (see Jagdpanzer IV and so).

A nice decline of the game. They really must be desperate.


There are no signs of some kind of zombification on this tank.
It’s just burned paint and dirty exterior with some bullet marks. It’s just came out too cool to scrap it at the end of the event, so it’s sold)


what is the price of this skin? and when is it gonna be sold? i just want to know since i might get it for collection purposes.

As far as i know it’s 1200 Gold, same as BP skins. It will soon appear at the shop.


So there have?

ah can i use gold order? or is it only enlisted gold?

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Nah, it’s just joke)

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Okay, good to hear. But I still don’t understand why it can only be obtained through blatant monetization. And why it is not a reward for an actual event instead?


We kinda gave other memorable stuff for that event, gold order, nick frame decorator plus 2 portraits с:


Enlisted gold only. Again, im not fully sure about it’s price.


ah i see

So 1944 Pz IV J (BR3) will now not only appear in 1941-42 Moscow, Stalingrad and Tunisia, but also in its zombified version.
Much wow :smiling_face_with_tear:

Okay, I was just expecting something different from DF after they literally offered a bundle for 100e a few days ago.
This tank could have very easily been a reward in the current event. It literally fits in thematically.
But instead, we’re getting to the stage where skins can’t be obtained any other way than by paying with real money, since you can’t use GO on this.

Very disappointed yet again.

Waiting for you to add remove zombiefied Pz.IV J in your profile picture