Some zombies cannot walk in my mod

Some zombies cannot walk in my mod. Some walk, some don’t and stay on respawn. Pls help. Sorry for my bad English

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It can happen due to:

  • NavMesh. Zombies are navMesh creatures and they will only move in navMesh. If target isn’t inside navMesh area then zombies will became inactive.

  • They’re too far from targets. Theoretically… Using entities.blk you can edit their properties and increase their range check, but it probably will make game a bit more unstable or lag.


My fix is just what @Devenddar said. It is not unstable but all the zombies would sometimes suddenly stand still and think for 1 second (really rare case but no zombies get stuck anymore unless people go to place that cant be reached. Zombies will still target them, but wont walk due to no valid navmesh)

Code here, for entities.blk:

// With thanks to tommayZZM here
  bodyCleanupTime:r=10.0 // clean bodies more quickly so it helps with the server load
  // zones_visitor__triggerTag:t="humanTriggerable"  // This code allows zombie to capture strategic zones ("//" at the front of the line is a comment so it is currently disabled as it is not required) 
  zombie__findClosestTargetDist:r=100.0 // This is the magic here. It increases the range of sense of zombies
  zombie__findTargetCooldown:r=4.0 // 4 second cooldown for less lag i guess?

But it can still not work. Shooter zombies are also immune to them (even if i added to their entity. I know they use separate entity)

i have got this code from another person(who said he “shamelessly copied from @Devenddar from discord”)


      relativeTm:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [0,0,0]]
      nodeName:t="Bip01 Head"

This marks zombies on the minimap
By the way, i want to ask are there more styles of markers (by modifying nodeName)? I would like to mark giant zombies with a distinctive marker

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You didn’t sent code for this entity.


And a bit more info what is this code for (it’s for nzombie or zombies entities).

It’s attachment position.

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Is there a list for these svgs

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No. What images you need?

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I currently cant get a hud image to work on the weapons buyables
I searched through the whole forum but i cant find working stuff
I would want a gun icon or ammo icon for the buyables (i think !ui/skin#bullets.svg is what i need but its colour just cant be changed)

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I’ll send it later. But not right now. I still didn’t check your problems with ai tanks :confused:

Don’t have enough time…

Probably for “gun” icon… Would be good to use assault_rifle.svg.

If you use custom marker then just edit custom_marker__iconColor?

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Bullets.svg stays black no matter what. medic icon(forgot the file name but its in my map so i can send it later) turns yellow when = 255, 255, 255, 255. Enemy attack marker arrow is red no matter how


Well… Then try to use machine_gun.svg / machine_gun_premium.svg


It worked well
But whats the name for enemy tank marking icon (the red tank ping that you can use to ping enemy tanks)

ui/uiskin/tank.svg does not exist lol

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If you see full path then you can use your images. Else (like ammunition/medkit box hud icon) only in game. So yeah… Entity custom_marker can have custom icons. As always… Path almost similar to custom profile path.

It’s map_icon_tank.svg. or tank_icon.svg. You also can check it in editor: