[Open-Sourced Development] Gavutu Zombies: Timeline Disorder - Learn how to create missions here together

Before, there was not much of a problem with the servers, but the mod I made last month only worked on the North America server, so I had to write like this, and now it works on the Europe and Eastern Europe server.


Is there a way to drop paratroopers roght on top of players, like attaching team 4 apawns onto the player?

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Nope, no server works and i cant play any mod
God damn it i just want to test my f-ing mod

Interesting idea. Yeah. It should work.

I thought this because i saw the exact same thing with a modern conflict mod. You can spawn on your squadmates(which are automatically assigned to some AI if not enough players!)
But can you show me how?
Also i want to ask how i can mark weapon wall buys on the minimap only when the player is close to it (i tried using cap zones but it will be all over the screen when i have a lot of weapon buys

New map here

the 4 orange circles are where i want most weapons to be bought. However, I don’t actually want players to find out themselves. I want something like the ammo box marker but the range where it shows is way less.
Is there a way to do that?

How to attach these team4 spawners?

Answer is here.
Just use another template and nodeName.

You can try to add hud image properties to weapon pickups. These properties you can find in ammunition box for example. Or you just can create custom_marker entity.

I found something very good but i dont know where to show it. So i put it here @Devenddar @tommyZZM @Bazsi37. See if it is useful in anyway

I found a Maus model by accident (and if you guys didn’t find it before i do)

This is the e100 from the lunar event, there is also its gm99 version in black camouflage, object_279 and t54e1. object has a broken collision which can be repaired via entities

But is it possible to drive it if we put things together? (Exclude the turrets ofc)
Just curious

Vehicles with base prefix cannot be driven.

There should be a regular e100 entity.

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Non-base version is gm_e_99. Also probably all base vehicles are drivable, just need add seats code.

all models have a non-basic version with full control

I dont think so, some of them dont. Such as kv2 since i dont find non base version

the tanks that I described have controllable versions, just type them in a search engine and see it. KV 2 can be assembled by taking another tank without the base prefix, changing its animchar, and taking the KV 2 internal code from the datamine, the same Bazsi has a mod with KV 2, this also applies to jagtiger, su 152 and other hidden vehicles.

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I am just wondering when i see this login background image

Is it possible to replace the cannon on the left with the KV-2 turret? (I mean, is it even possible)

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Yes you can,seems to be in mod @tommyZZM , I saw a platform with a kv2 tower


Is it my issue or its a bug?
The T20E5 rifle (t20_rifle_gun_item+item_in_world) would have its magazine going on top when you get far

Looks like LODs are broken. You can “fix” this by override LODs with level.blk

Erm can someone give me the seat codes for t-28 and it_as_42_metropolitana?
I don’t seem to get how i can get the correct codes, i spent a whole hour just seeing the editor crash (without telling me why)

Show your code please. They’re in tanks. Also maybe you miss { or }?