Screenshot contest: War photographer

Brutally honest comments call for brutally honest answers:

A) You’re not expected to participate, if you don’t feel like
B) How much of a workload can it be to literally press 1 (one) key while playing, and later upload a picture on Discord?

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thats a weird coincidence you mention that, i was already going to ignore this event

good luck trying to win by just randomly taking a screenshot in game while most people are using the replay system and taking elaborate photos, and kudos to them for putting in the effort, i just think darkflow is spitting in their mouth by giving them pocket change and a meh profile portrait


You can do it there too, no restrictions on it.

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Can i use old screenshots that i have made in the past? Or do they have to be recent?

I highly doubt they will study when the screenshots were taken.


Wonder if that fellow, who, used to post in the SS thread (ollie)something?, will be entering?, he did some nice SS.
so can only view entry’s, on Discord? someon make thread in forum, of your submissions, for those, who don’t/wont to, use discord :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are there any plans for a new campaign or new maps ? I’m asking because there were 2 “new campaign” entries on the latest roadmap (and we only got the Battle of the Bulge “campaign”, which is just 2 maps with different variations, but no news about the 2nd campaign) and also because its not rocket science that statistically the game always gained the most players when a new campaign was released.

More players that might also buy premium content, more content for players. Good for devs, good for players.

Also call me crazy but its just stupid how almost every ww2 fps has the same theaters of war that are all well known, but none of the more interesting and non-mainstream locations like for example:
Sino-Japanese war (crazy amount of highly unique locations and opportunities, like this masterpiece made by @VenomUlfric
Invasion of Egypt[u][/u]
Battle of Budapest

well this one is highly off topic and could have been reply on the other news tbh

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The game crashes for me every time I try and take a screen shot. Doesn’t matter what keys I rebind the function to, it CTDs every time.

Any ideas?

Oh good, a rule that excludes actual gameplay screenshots, I was worried I might be able to actually share some of the good ones I have. Good thing we ruled out having the UI turned on.

I had the same crashes with DX12 selected, changed back to DX11, no more crashes.

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I cant submit this there so I do it here lol
My kill of the day


I’ll give that a shot, cheers :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I hope it works!

Just a quick question, Discord automatically creates a “collage” if you submit more than 1 image at a time. Does this mean that all submissions need to be submitted 1 at a time? Just making sure I am following the rules.

That is not the kind of ‘collage’ they mean.
So yes you can upload multiple pics at once.
No need for 1 by 1 uploading.

(BTW I see many submissions with GUI, they all will be disqualified)

same here lol


Well i was a bit off with the name, but here he is.
Glad to see you still about, you the fav in my book for this :smile:

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Any idea when winners will be posted? I posted a few that I think were quite good, but competition was fierce!

You can find mine on the discord thread by seraching for katiekat933 aka “busy_beetle_24035”