Screenshot contest: War photographer

In every battle there are moments that not only delight you because they increase your kill count, but also because they provide aesthetic pleasure. An enemy tank destroyed by a clever ambush, an entire squad engulfed in flames from a flamethrower, or just a stray ray of sunlight cast on the ground that made you stop for a second to admire the view instead of fighting.

Let’s share such moments with each other. In a screenshot contest!

From May 22nd to June 2nd (13:00 UTC) take screenshots and win prizes!


Submit your entries to the Screenshot channel of our Discord server in the following format: in-game username, platform, category (in which you want to submit your screenshot). For example: “SuperPro, PS4, Battle”.


Read more about the rules of the contest in the “How to take screenshots” and “Terms” sections.


Портрет «Военный фотограф»

“War photographer” portrait

  • All finalists, as well as those selected by the jury.

500 Золота Enlisted

500 Gold

  • Three prizes in each category.




Show an amazing battle in the screenshot.

For example, a large-scale offensive, an air raid, or a massive firefight.

  • Three prizes.

Специалист за работой


The protagonist of your screenshot is a soldier of one of the game’s classes, performing a specialized task specific to his class.

For example, a sniper lying in ambush, an engineer fortifying a position, or tankers in their vehicle.

  • Three prizes.



In these screenshots, the viewer will not see massive battles (maybe just a little bit), but instead will be able to admire the beauty of Enlisted’s locations.

For example, a train at the station in the sunset, lightning over the ruins of Stalingrad, or Moscow in the quiet of the winter.

  • Three prizes.


Only screenshots without GUI can participate in the contest. You can hide the interface directly in battle with the Ctrl+Shift+G button combination or you can use the dedicated key to take a screenshot without the interface: Controls → Interface → Screenshot (No GUI).

For the best results, use the replay system (“Replays” tab on the site) with high graphics settings. :slight_smile:

The created screenshots are saved to the Screenshots folder of the game.


  • Only screenshots created specifically for this contest will be accepted!
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions per participant.
  • When submitting a screenshot, please indicate in which category you want to participate. Only screenshots without GUI are accepted.
  • Minor color correction of the screenshots is allowed. Collages are NOT allowed.

Good luck, war photographers!


Ahah, that portrait is really nice (and funny).

I want to make a suggestion. Those comic strip like pictures look really good:

I’d like the opportunity to have those either as backgrounds in the game, maybe in the profile section.


what do you… mean by that

like, only three winners?

for each category?


9 prizes in total. 3 in each category.


How many entries per player, how many pictures can you take or upload for the contest?

I just upload the picture on the discord server, with the category name and that’s it?


There is no limit to the number of submissions per participant.

Also add your in-game nickname and the platform you play on (PC/XBOX/Playstation).


“just 3 prizes”

srsly? DF doesnt have any clue at all how to motivate its playerbase. giving away so small prizes free of cost for the company to make people work and be engaged is stupid. thats also the reason why the test servers and general testing of enlisted is slow af and brings horrible results.
you can not expect people to do serious work for free and then just reap the profits and not even give away things that dont cost you a thing (opportunity costs of a coupe hundred/thousand gold is basically zero).
no serious, adult person will waste his time on test servers. so what you get is randoms who due to lack of quality are half assing the testing process and the testing data will be flawed. also data from 50 randoms is worse and costs more in processing time than quality from just 5 high quality testers.

500 gold is okay, but give it at least to the top 3 people in each category. also eliminates negative mindsets from over competitiveness.


Well, we have 3 prizes in each category so top-3 in each category actually will get 500 Gold.


yeah thanks for specify that,

at first, it wasn’t entirely clear.


Ok, i’m planning on upload one picture, but at the rate that people are uploading, are we sure that someone actually gonna take a look?


Yeah, we are totally sure)
But of course, the more people take part in the contest, the harder it will be to choose the winners.


I am excited to participate in this contest! I am pleased that the prize pool for this contest has continued to rise, and the portrait is a tempting trophy for sure.

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good contest guys keep it up

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I think I’ll try to find some new spaghetti warriors or cringe corpses

Very interesting! Will try to look into the replay of a match I played yesterday. An enemy mortar hit a building’s terrace (Fortress map), and instantly destroyed all the furniture inside. It was very beautiful to see, and showcases the game’s rich graphics details and destructible structures. Not sure I will be able to encapsulate that in a picture, though, maybe a short .gif video.

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Don’t see any mention of custom game screenshot. Not allowed this time?

I think I’ll take screenshots of the lush overgrowth along the banks of the Tenaru River; oh wait, it’s not there…


Maybe I can take pictures of the beautiful coconut mangroves; oh wait, it’s not there…



I guess I could always try to take a picture at Edson’s Ridge…

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im going to be brutally honest with you because thats what im best at, but these rewards absolutely suck. 500 gold and a portrait most people will never see? I can’t even buy a gold order gun with that gold, these rewards are worth less than gold orders

There are a lot of better things I can do in my time that are worth more than 5 dollars

I have a picture of a clearly Asian RNG US assaulter that was named “Guillermo Hanson.” Do comedic photos count?

Is editing allowed? ie. putting on filters or adding a border/vignette