Rheinmetall's foundation day

From April 11th (13:00 UTC) to April 14th (13:00 UTC), the premium German squad armed with the MG 30 is available for Gold.

135 years ago, on April 13, Heinrich Ehrhardt founded the Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft, which later grew into the giant arms manufacturer Rheinmetall.

For most of its history, the company was focused on the development and production of armaments for the German army, and in the interwar and postwar period was famous for the production of typewriters, engines and other civilian products.

The most famous creations of the company that participated in World War II include the MG 13, 15, 30 and 34 machine guns, the 3.7 cm, 5 cm and 7.5 cm anti-tank guns and the giant self-propelled siege mortars known as “Karl-Gerät”.

The MG 30 is a product of one of the companies within Rheinmetall. It’s an Austro-German machine gun with a 25-round magazine. It is notable for its convenient sights and comfortable rate of fire: 630 rounds per minute. The Battle Rating of the MG 30 is II and the squad consists of 4 machine gunners in a unique blue-colored uniform. There is also an extra slot for an engineer.

Hurry up and get this unique squad!


Well at least it’s good for collectors

More than that. This squad wrecks at br 2


Sale for German premiums or just the mg30? (own that one already)

prob best MG of BR2? thing feels like an FN FAL battle rifle honestly

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MG 30 only as far as i can see

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True but you have the MG 13 with the same mag capacity and you can get a bigger squad

Is it a newer version of this squad with +4 weapon handling, or older one with +8 w/h?

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Bigger squad with 1 less mg. Also the mg 30 is a bit better than the mg 13.

I love this squad :slight_smile:

One less MG but more variety

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I’m not interested, but as I said in the Gewehr 98 thread, it’s cool to see old unique items / squads becoming available again.


Wrecks, maybe not…

But man are my boys stylish!

Do you know what would make the mg30 REALLY wreck?

  • br+/- 0. There wouldn’t be dp27 or mg34 or Bar that all seriously outclass it with their br3…

Ah, if only Enlisted really were “a better place”…


Sounds interesting. Especially at BR II where most MG’s are top load mags. Definitely gonna consider getting it for some fun with the Germans

The wartime mod’s been their favorite goto since they introduced the first event for it. Lol. Probably the 4th event for it that I’m aware of

Oh, James, any word on the Preemie Squad Slot? This would be a perfect Low Tier squad to use it on

Missed opportunity!

You could have done the same thing as you did with the M3 field modification. Meaning, make a newer version of this squad with Enginner, which also has premium weapon (in this case MG30) .
I would definitely buy this squad for a second time. :PP


Yeah the new squad setup is fantastic. I have an old Preemie Squad where the Engie has a Toz instead of the Preemie Gun. Lol

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Funnily enough, I gave G98 war mod to engineer in MG30 squad.
What a coincidence.


Lol. Maybe something I should look into doing

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nice too bad i dont want to spend money yet tbh probably next time i might buy it

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