Reworking old locations

Most important in my mind if you really want to fix Normandy beaches:

Separte allied spawn points further, so that you dont storm the bunkers head on, but actually already spawn more at the sides of the map.


how about reworking old game modes too?


changes are good but i think we need a more war torn variant and where it looks like battles have been going on for days and more dug in trenches.



wonders of prefab :slight_smile:

can’t lock teams ( that’s for the pve thing though ) , and well… it doesn’t run smootlhy because of mods above a certain mbs, does not allow to have a smooth performance.

( despite working fine in the editor )

which i believe it’s due to the customs them selves not running very well.

i believe tommy reported such issues as well.

and it took him several tries before being able to have a stability in performance.

Edit. similar to the battle of the bulge mod that i sent you in private.

runs somewhat in the editor, not at all in the customs.

ps, i don’t like customs because of the missing features for easier friendly management and more control over those said customs:

which, i could upload them, but A, it wouldn’t perform as i originally intended them to be. and not how i crafted them to begin with.

( for example, 15 players or more vs AI )

and others improvements.


I don’t like the change of Stalingrad a bit. I think it is unnatural as a result of trying to preserve the park’s character. (The building on the far left is fine.) I think it would be better to put an indestructible fuel tank.

I hope DF will bring the Normandy map from CRSED here

Players need more new maps and playable areas~


thanks for ruining my good flanking routes -_-

Clean up Berlin streets a bit please, it’s annoying when some small obstacle can block heaviest ww2 tanks.


Will let your tankers get better angles

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Just port all maps from CRSED to Enlisted the same way they are adding back Moon.

They use the same assets and textures, afaik, the incompatibility is minimal.

EDIT: I would appreciate a more technical explanation from a developer…


The D-day is the most garbage map while it’s supposed to be the most iconic for Normandy, what a fail, it doesn’t already look like the real D-day because of useless trees and bushes in front of bunkers, a single bunker on flat ground while the 2 others are back wich is already ridiculous and now remove the hedgehog and let the trees in front of bunkers. You should rework this map from 0


I see a lot of people can’t read and look at those changes that are already there as reverse to old maps. :man_facepalming: Now i know why devs add quest markers and yellow puke so those clueless people won’t get lost instantly.

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yeah, when they talked about:

good times…

wonder when that’s ever gonna be a thing… though.

That’s why I wrote “and now” when I was talking about the recent changes, learn to read you low cost nft ape

mod packages are here (DEV):





i wonder if this make the 2nd point on d day become less of a “death zone” unless you blitz it


i thought those were something else.

like, i expected some sort of extension tab that was hinted too.

i guess it’s something.

but… not what we wanted.

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Unused or leftover content is seperated and put into a different folder, so yes thats all.


well, i don’t think landing d-days are bad.

heck, perfect for pve.

but… you are right.

somewhat horrible for pvp.

some complete rework wouldn’t hurt.

saw some on the mods portal too.

yeah… would be great to get effing content from crsed, or war thunder.

and custom content recognized from those game be uploaded onto multiplayer mods too.
( once dropped onto that folder )

but i suppose ( apparently ) that’s like asking too much…

heck, we could bring those lost vehicles from older versions into the newer one ffs ( the ones you made videos on ).


I wasn’t talking about ver sur mer, it look good even if there is no usable MG on the bunker point but D-day map really look bad, I’m talking only about the first point, the landing wich is supposed to be epic look bad because how they disposed the bunkers, the vegetation around or in front of bunkers you don’t even know why they are here and many more…

I remember someone made a D-day map a long time ago, wich was 10 times better than the official one (the one with big flags on bunkers and some free tanks at back, maybe you tried it?) but I can’t find him anymore

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