Reworking old locations

As you know, we regularly add new locations to existing campaigns, which you are probably already familiar with: Stalingrad Tractor Plant, Steel Mill and New Georgia. We want to use the gained experience to improve the locations already presented in Enlisted — to bring them up to a new level of quality and make them convenient not only for infantrymen, but also for ground vehicles.

You will see the first results of this effort in the upcoming major Enlisted update. Here are the details.


You are fighting — we are getting statistics. Thousands of battles fought on old locations don’t go to waste, they contain a lot of important information about how you play on these maps - what routes and positions you choose, what places you prefer to avoid. Plus, of course, we also read your feedback.

Main idea of these improvements is to add more interesting positions, cover and assets. Here are some examples.


A lot of the changes are aimed at improving balance and the overall presentation. The path to the very first capture zone in the bunker used to be quite difficult — a lot of obstacles and an almost flat shore. We removed some obstacles and added some cover that will help you to get closer to the first bunker.

And also changed the elevation of some distant German positions, from which the whole Allied respawn on the shore used to be visible.

Small changes were made to the inner parts of the location: we added some new assets like rocky cliffs. They are not only there as part of the scenery, but also to more clearly indicate the directions that cannot be traversed with a large squad.


The changes here are similar. Now you can attack the bunker on the shore not only frontally, but also from the side. Climbing up to the main battle zone is now safer.

Also worked on the appearance of the coast — in some places it was empty, but now it has become a full-fledged combat zone with dozens of cover and defensive positions. Added two additional capture points: a bunker on the beach and a bunker with a coastal gun. And the beach itself also underwent a general cleanup.


In the major update, this campaign location will be available to all USSR and German players, so you can appreciate our work here as well. As well as the improvements.

The access to the Gorky Theater from one side was very exposed, and those who occupied the theater often used it to their advantage. Now there are ruins of kiosks instead of the park with lonely trees (perfect place for a rally point), and the windows are much easier to shot through.

We have also cleaned the streets a bit, removed the large pieces of debris that were preventing the vehicles from passing and made many other small improvements. You’ll be able to check it out very soon, and we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions — where else should Enlisted’s location artists put their talents to use?


Is this a joke ? You are planning to remove hedgehogs from D-Day beach ? :scream:


Now remove the MG positions up the hills on either side on D-Day


Why? So easily destroyable…


Because if I’m not able to do it (usually) in a tank they never get done in

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You sound very desperate. :sweat_smile:


Have you ever played Normandy Axis on D-Day and just left because the Yanks won’t push?
Imagine that from the other side as well
You make it past the first point
And the bored Germans are hosing you, the only person pushing with beaucoop machinegun fire

I’ve absolutely despised those hills since the closed beta purely because of people going up there to snipe and not be helpful though


Add Brest Fortress as a small map. Very unique location with heroic actions during ww2. In case anyone is interested, there is also a movie about it called „Brest Fortress/ Brestkaya Krepost“ from 2010. Great movie.image


Good thing, a blow of fresh flavour on familiar locations.

I’m not sure that cleaning up D-day beach too much is a good idea, for the sake of immersion. That beach is supposed to be heavily fortified.

In general though, I understand the idea of making the FIRST cap points of some maps easier to capture. To decrease the chances of one-sided matches where attackers can’t advance at all.


I don’t speak English. Before using the translation software, the first picture scared me. I thought it was some new Halloween event.


perhaps… in new… stalingrad maps?

also, don’t want to sound a jack ass, but reworking old locations, in my book means something like,

let’s take la parelle ( hamlet ) village into being more of a village:



more pics













you know, to make it more of a village, rather than a hamlet.

i could have shown it through a mod. ( which at some point, it used to be ) but you guys refuse to update customs.
so i’m afraid it only stays in pictures.

but… what do i know i guess…

anyway, as far as it goes for the thread, sounds good in paper, even though, so far i’m only seeing the addition of anti tank barriers and some rocks ( with some trenches that have been moved ) in some places. which it’s still something, but not something truly major.
maybe i expected more.

gotta see what will change in the new update.
as usual, keep up the good work.


okay this is dope…

devs should learn from you!


Looks incredibly detailed and beautiful. This somehow reminds me cities skylines xD. I will forward it to devs, thank you!


We need hedgehogs on beach!!! Do not remove our covers unless you want all Americans get killed by mg42 on beach!


eh… you don’t really have to.

as, i believe la perelle village is not that bad.

if i’m being objective, mine it’s no where near good, as officials. ground textures are aweful ( cuz we can’t change those in the editor ) , and some objects are missplaced. it was just an example of what i expected.

maybe i am delusional.

but if you are interested, i can send you the blk in private through blk though.


2 thoughts immediately spring to mind for Berlin.

Kroll Opera House (Assault) has very poor cover options which can feel frustrating to attack against (Especially the 2nd stage).

Any thoughts about widening some of the older narrow maps like Railway Bridge? there is very little tactical flexibility here with the map being so narrow.


Yup, would be nice :upside_down_face:


I see some cool changes since previous version!

It would be nice to know what exactly you don’t like about customs? And what exactly prevents you from publishing a mod? It should already be possible to download and launch mod with size more than 3 MB (but less 50 MB) without any problems.


Removing the steel hedgehogs from the beach is bad. If anything, they mostly covered allied soldiers while running and blocked many bulets that I intended for them when I was shooting an MG42 from a bunker. They were also a unique opportunity for allied snipers for sneaky shooting from the beach - I got a headshot from a sniper hiding below a hedgehog many times. When I played allies and used a tank, they didn’t feel impossible to pass, it just required planning a few slalom turns and made the game more interesting for me. The German side never had time to throw AT mines there. Now with just the few wooden hedgehogs left, it looks like the Germans are only pretending and don’t even try to defend the Normandy, this feels just so unreal. Like a cheap parody of a war scenery.


It’s very good that the devs are working on optimizing the maps, and I can agree with the Stalingrad modification with kiosks - that was an open space sometimes just hopeless to cross if there were a few snipers on the theater and no reasonable commander would force his soldiers to attack such an object from that side in those terrain conditions. But the change with the hedgehogs in Normandy is terrible. Why even place the wooden hedgehogs there? They have no effect anyway, they fall apart when touched by a Stuart. The Normandy had really great quality before, it looked historical with many obstacles but it was also not so hard to pass for the vehicles, certainly still much easier to pass than the streets of Berlin where an IS-2 can get stuck on a pile of rubble or AA cannon’s legs. The metal hedgehogs also caught many bullets and allowed the US bots to survive longer. Without them, D-Day doesn’t feel like a D-Day. Please leave the metal hedgehog placements jut as they were.