Repairing vehicles from the inside

We are approaching the release of the next minor update, which will bring you new and interesting mechanics regardless of its smaller scale. One of these is the ability to repair the internal modules of armored vehicles without leaving them.


…stays inside the tank. So you don’t have to go outside to repair such modules as the gun breech, machine guns, horizontal and vertical aiming drives. Just switch to your tools and start repairing these important modules.

We have made a simple and intuitive radial menu where you can select the module that needs to be repaired. The color of each module indicates the severity of the damage it has received.

The rules are the same as for repairing external modules such as tracks, transmission, or engine. You spend a part of the resources in your toolbox for each repair. The vehicle must be stationary during repairs.

We would like to thank you again for your ideas on how to improve Enlisted, and we’ll see you in the next developer diary!




Makes sense, so if you want to make the crew bail, you need to shoot tracks and other outside modules.


Finally I wont have to do Twister just to repair my gun breach


great stuff!

This is kind of a really tiny request for the next update, but would you be willing to ask Darkflow to add Stalingrad sniper cosmetics to the Moscow/Ardennes outfit pool?

I bought the Sniper G41s while they were on sale, and I would love to give them snow hoodies.


I feel like I could rant for hours how stupid current customization is, no premium vehicle customization, just two queues, but at the same time Im too lazy to write that much so pretend that I did.
(Cmon Darkflow , Im easy to bribe gimme me that premium squad slot)


Probably off topic but are you ever gonna add event slot? The test server only had slot for premium but i remember that the helpers said that the idea would reach the devs.


This feature feels like overcomplicated damage control for our new repair system.

Is it better than original one? No, it is not.

We can’t even have option to choose between Italian and germam soldier while enlisting them for the sake of game not being too complicated and confusing to casual and new players.

Yet meanwhile you are implementing bizarre features like this one. Literally basically nobody asked for this. Original repair system was simple and easy to understand.

I am disappointed. Development should focus on completely different things. Like overhaul customization.

But whatever.


New tank repair mechanics my ass, tank nerf.
(I love getting my gun destroyed by a random at rocket from 150m away, getting out to repair just get kamikazed by a plane with 250 kg bombs, its almost peak gaming experience, I just need to hear the pilot screaming racial slurs at me to finally achieve perfection)


But part repair actually gives lower tier tanks (and ATR) the ability to defeat impenetrable opponents, opponents can no longer repair the barrel from the rear of the tank, which has the same effect as actually killing them

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James already noted that in the premium slot topic


if you wanna see how beyond any hope reddit is, look how stupidly redditors there hate on this change


I would like to have an actual interior model of the vehicle in the future where you can see the animation of the repairs and the loader loading the main gun


any update on the charging bug?

I really find it strange that this nonsense has a higher priority than the customization of APCs. Which was promised like 1/3 year back.

They would literally make some money from customization.

On the contrary, this is a completely irrelevant and irrelevant feature that never needed to be in the game.

I really don’t understand how they could have made this profitable or worthy in aby way. Why was the original system so bad?

It’s really bizarre that they refuse to do something with arguments that it would be too complicated and complex. And then they implement things like this.

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But there was no signs of the slot in the test server. I just wanna know if the idea got rejected or are they still working on it


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Wut? I don’t see how different it is from original system. Crew always had to leave the vehicle and repair it from outside. Thus player was unable to use vehicle for that period of time.
Literally the outcome is same, we just have way more complex system which was completely unnecessary.

Just waste of time development resources. Why they couldn’t fix customization instead?
Why was original repair system such a huge issue in comparison to customization so they had to come up with such complex solution like this.

They do have extremely weird priorities.

But whatever, I really just don’t care. It’s just bizarre and I don’t understand it.


Agreed. It would be sexy if this game had rich car interiors and animations.
It would be even better if there were animations like moving a deceased loader out of the way and sitting in that seat himself.