Remove German ticket buff and capture speed buff in Berlin, or give soviet ticket and capture speed buff

Soviet in berlin are literally unplayable, it has been like this for almost half a year now, how is it fun if the axis are stomping every match? Not fun for axis players too because match end so fast, right now the dev have kill off the soviet player base, there are barely any players against full on axis sweats, please buff soviet the same way Americans were buff back in Normandy were axis dominate. We not sure if the merge match making will even come this year, please at least make soviet berlin playable again.


What they should do is have captured speeds for all modes or whatever completely unified. No buffs here or debuffs there. Make everything equal across the board


Yeah,This is the most correct

Tbh Axis Berlin is boring because its almost always just a steamroll. I agree the russians need a buff, maybe the merge fixes it

imo russian actually dont need buff but something that will make player stay in the campaign i have couple of match where the russian got really close to winning but alas we have better player and they only have 2 guy

Tbh I just think altering cap speed and ticket drain is dumb in general

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This is why I made this thread months ago. Nowadays Tunisia Allies constantly get stomped because of Axis getting some recent stuff like paratroopers and have the favorable tickets due to months of Allies stomping Axis there.

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not until merge,

this is much needed right now otherwise playing underdog faction would become even worse.

these faction specific adjustments don’t help new and otherwise struggling players against sweaty veterans of the “nerfed” side, but make sweats on the “buffed” side even more unstoppable

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