Reinforcements received: USSR paratroopers!

In the “Reinforcements received” events, you’ll upgrade your army with unique and well-armed squads, rare weapons, vehicles and always-useful items. Main rewards will help you unlock content that normally takes more time to reach in a regular lineup.

This time your army will welcome… the long-awaited USSR paratroopers!

From 4th December (13:00 UTC) to 30th December (13:00 UTC), get battle score in battles and move up the rewards ladder!

Please note: you now have two days to complete each task!


You’ll get rewards during the whole event, and the further you progress through it, the more valuable they’ll become. You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards!


Once you finish the 8th task of the event, you’ll receive a squad of Red Army paratroopers with a unique mechanic. Arm them to your taste and send them into battle!

5th Airborne Corps

10th Airborne Brigade

The main feature of this squad is versatility. In the primary weapon slot, these paratroopers have a fully upgraded Fedorov Avtomat assault rifle with good damage, accuracy and a 25-round magazine. If for some reason you are not satisfied with it, you can swap it out for something else and thus completely repurpose the squad. You can equip each soldier with a completely different weapon for a different combat situation, so that your soldiers will be ready to fight anywhere, anytime!


  • Tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the scoring starts again. Be sure to collect your reward before then, if you have managed to accumulate the required number of battle points, otherwise the task will not count.
  • The task can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From 30th December (13:00 UTC) to 1st January (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards for Gold.

Let’s GOOO

Back to event spree we go



OH YES SO GOOD :heart_eyes: Oh i cant wait to get them

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Didn’t expect that but thanks, will there be other event squads with this ability, so they can play other BR’s? Or maybe old ones reworked?


Time to work

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I need those customization orders


Cool mechanic…

That should not be locked to a single squad, and that should be available for regular progression.



at least their uniform looks better than originally presented :+1:

and even better that is an event squad instead of being premium.

surprised to see no german counterpart or for any other faction, but that’s actually a good thing.

love me some good appearance cards too

but… this format is still bad.

and now 20K opposed to 10/5?

not a fan either.


Only one squad for December (meaning Christmas/New year) event? That’s kinda disappointing ngl.


I won’t spit on two gold weapon orders.


We now can have a Soviet squads equipped with nothing but fLAMEthrowers like the Italian one.:grin:


It’s not mentioned but… what’s in their para crate… If there even is one???

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I would expect the same as premium one has. And you can try that already.


oh well i guess i gotta farm today was thinking about skipping today but oh well thing happen

I think we will get separate event on those days, like 2 events running parallel with each other.

Yeah, I think that as well. I just tried to bait them for sharing more info. :PP

Now thats a forced event.

And gib premium paras those uniforms.

“The squads for the USSR and Germany will be among the most valuable prizes - you’ll have to try and play Enlisted regularly to get them. But the owners of the Stalingrad Full Access will get these two squads immediately, which will allow them to continue playing the event in great comfort and without hurry with the honored engineers “on board”.”
Important changes after the second test - News - Enlisted

I own the Stalingrad Full Access, just want to know when and how can we get “The squads for the USSR and Germany”.

When the event was launched


There will be an event that will give all 4 nations engineers with assault rifles access pass players will get the German and USSR ones early in that event

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