Reinforcement of premium squads

Greetings, Commanders! With the release of the major Enlisted update, in addition to the new upgradable vehicles, you’ll find new premium squads!

New armored vehicles will please commanders who prefer to play comfortably for Japan and the US, and Soviet paratroopers - a long-awaited novelty for the USSR - in a premium version.

Speaking of the features of this squad, we can’t help but mention its unique appearance, the ability to land from an airplane with a crate of equipment and, most importantly, the option to change the weapon in their primary weapon slot!

Yes, these paratroopers have even more flexible equipment options - with this squad you will be ready for any situation, because by changing their weapons according to your taste, you will also change the battle rating of the squad.

By default, these soldiers are armed with the AS-44 model 5 - an assault rifle with balanced characteristics, low recoil and convenient sight, making this weapon an excellent choice for medium range. While the bayonet knife increases your chance of survival in close-quarters combat. You will get six copies of this high rank weapon regardless of whether you have it unlocked or not.

The Australian A.C.I Sentinel medium tank has good mobility and a capable 40mm gun - the famous 2-pounder. Its unique design attracts attention - the Australian designers tried their best with its rounded shapes. Armor thickness reaches 65 mm, which is quite enough to “tank” small-caliber guns.

The Japanese Chi-He is an excellent medium tank, combining speed and maneuverability. It is also quite well protected - by its 50 mm frontal hull armor.

The Chi-He has a 47mm gun with APHE and high-explosive shells. The former will allow you to reliably deal damage to enemy tanks, while the high-explosive shells will give you the opportunity to easily deal with infantry.


That’s not all new for today, so stay tuned, comrades!


Guess I have to sell my soul to the snail once again


This image will surely piss off lovers of historical accuracy :rofl:


Yeah. What kind of shitty uniforms are that?


does this mean update is today?


It’s okay that changing the primary weapon will change the squad’s BR accordingly…

But what about the weapons in the crate then?

Are they low BR weapons by default?


No, but 1 more announcement is prepared for today


ok :+1:

URAAAAAAAAAAA! Soviet paratrooper


There are no 47mm Hollow Charge shells, neither adopted nor experimentally.
You probably meant the APHE shells.

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I feel targeted… :heart_eyes:

as for the paras…thought as much. Look nothing like soviet paras and has the best of all the uniques…pretty lame IMO

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I infinitely prefer these uniforms. Why do they need to add another AS-44 when they could add a PPD or PPSh?



So, the Sentinel and Chi-He are premium squads or just need be unlocked for the tech tree?

Why Model 5? we already have it in the game. Why not Model 6?

" Sudayev AS-44 Model 6
In the Model 6, Sudayev tested the weapon’s effect on removing the heavy bayonet and barrel shroud. The weight of the weapon was radically reduced to 5,150, which had a positive effect on its accuracy. The model also has a 5mm shorter barrel, which is 490mm. The collar from model 4 was also restored, which resulted in a total length of 1010 mm.

  • Specification Sudayev AS-44 Model 6
    • Caliber/cartridge.: 7.62x41mm M43
    • Barrel length.: 490mm
    • Total length without bayonet.: 1010mm
    • Weight with bipod, empty magazine, no bayonet.: 5.150kg

it’s not a new equipment, it’s the same AS44 you find in berlin because you can swap between primaries with that squad


Because I am pretty sure they can equip all of the assaulter’s weapons.

They same they come “by default” with the AS-44 model 5 (which is the tech tree variant)

Kinda weird to do that now.


this is why :man_facepalming:


It is the “new gameplay mechanic” introduced with the soviet paratroopers I guess.

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