Provide better machine guns for the Soviet Union!

I agree with your point about BR3. Many people are unwilling to play BR3 because they will encounter German troops from BR5. Soviet BR3 is too strong, but Soviet BR2 is single, which makes many players who play Soviet BR2 feel very frustrated. Soviet BR2 is too monotonous.


Soviet br3 is NOT too strong, it is perfect. Sovs br2 ALSO. (In fact it might even be the strongest br 2 of all factions.)

Do you play other factions?

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There are over 200 weapons in the game, but the Soviet BR2 only works well with PPS42 and PPS43. This is an awkward thing. Although PPS is very strong, the Soviet BR2 should not let everyone play PPS

Actually, I am a player who mainly plays German army in the game.I have a complete set of Soviet and German BR5 weapons

Then why saying sovs suffer at br 2, when they clearly do not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Note: I’m not talking about the lack of players, but only talking about the tools used.


pps42/43 is very easy to use and powerful.
I think it has a performance that sets it apart from the US Thompson and Japanese Type 100.
As for the other weapons, there is no excellence but there is no shortage either. It can handle everything without a stroke. The only drawback was that they do not have paratroopers, but that was resolved a few months ago.
The Soviets in BR2 have no drawbacks.

As for the OP’s suggestion to add new weapons, I can agree (arguably, because as long as the game continues, we will eventually add something).
But, I disagree with the reason that BR2 is weak compared to Germany.

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More weapons because fun? Yes, you have my support :+1:

Better weapons because supposedly the faction suffers? Get a hike :-1:


Why is the OP hidden? I don’t think the content needed to be flagged.

Now that we’ve gotten the discussion going with the claim that “Soviet LMGs are inadequate,” let’s get back to the gun topic.
I could agree if the suggestion was simply to add the Korovin SV-6.
The question is which BR to put it in; if you put it in BR2 as the OP wants, it has to perform accordingly, but what about the performance of the actual gun?
The 22 round magazine part, well, I guess it is suitable for BR2, but I don’t know about ROF, etc.

If it is going to be nerfed to a performance far removed from the real gun in order to place it in BR2, then it should not be placed in BR2, otherwise the developers can properly design the gun to be appropriate for BR2.
Can you suggest details?

you already have rd44 and dp27/dt29 which are great guns. It is common knowledge the beat mg is not the final one in the tree

In the recent update, the zb26 with a firing rate of 820 per minute has been changed to br2. However, all the machine guns I provided are those that use magazines, and their performance does not exceed that of the zb26 in the game. These machine guns only have better performance than Madsen

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I dont know about the bitching about SU MGs.
They could need more for the sake of diversity, but they perform just fine for the most part. I dont know why people struggle so much with their accuracy since they have lower dispersion than German MGs and the Type 99.

Because saying one’s main faction suffers, is always trendy, sadly.

Understandable, all factions lacks decent players at BR2.

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honestly the zb-26 should be moved to br2 or have the zb-30

Ahah, that’s also true. Even in evil axis :sweat_smile:

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I got great news for you

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MGs suck in general, BR2 MGs are worse than pistols.

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Akulinin TKB-336

Fedorov-Degtyaryov 1924

Ha jokes on you, the best SMG in BR 2 is PPS42 :zipper_mouth_face:

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These are all cool but theyre proto’s they fit more as premium squads or gold order weapons, since they didnt enter service.

To my knowledge systems that did were the DS-39, which with its 600/1200rpm fits as a BR5 top end MMG

& Simonovs RPS/RPS-3 20rd LMG won the post DPM design competition and was supposed to go into mass production but was overshadowed by RP-44/RPD. But this one is a mid-late war thing and honestly like the Gorov, fits better as a T5 battle rifle in competition with AVT.

For BR2 1931 patter DP or 1938 Jap pattern DP might fit