Premium m24 tank squad

I was pretty excited to buy this during the sale and finally get to bring into low tier games. The gun/shells feel really weak against opposing tanks. I mean it’s a 75mm gun and yet it’s taking many rounds to blow up enemy tanks, and usually only getting 1 kill per round through the tank if none at all. I just don’t understand. The jumbo would tear through all this low level tanks with 1 shell and it’s the same size round. Can someone explain this to me? Also wondering why the premium tank didnt get any special rounds? All the other premium tanks do.

I think the M24 has solid shot ammo, so the round doesn’t explode. So you have to hit an ammo rack for an enemy tank to be killed in 1 hit.

This is not the case, are you confusing Jumbo with other tank? Not to mention Jumbo won’t even meet low level tanks now.

This is also not the case. Only a few premium tank do, not all.

It’s solid AP, so you have to aim carefully at crew/ammo.

Jumbo has the exact same shell as the M24

According to the Resource sheet, the M24 and the Tech Tree Jumbo have identical stats. Both also use the same AP round (M72 Shot). The difference comes when you consider the premium Jumbo’s APCR (T45 Shot). Neither of which have explosive mass (aka: they are solid shot).

As far as guns on tanks within low BR. The crusader actually has the best AP round penetration wise.

The M8 Scott however has a HEAT round that does have great penetration and has explosive mass.

That being said, there was a M61 HE/APC-T round that was used to my knowledge. It would be nice to have that round added to the M24.

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I will never not hate how poor solid AP performs in this game.

Thanks for your input everyone. I appreciate it.

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I understand jumbo isn’t going against low tier tanks. What im inferring is that i get many 1 shot kills in high tier matches with the jumbo (tech tree version), and those tanks have way more armor then these low tier tanks. So it seems like a 75mm gun should be able to perform better then what i was experiencing.

That is weird, I haven’t used Jumbo for quite some time. But based on past experience, you need several rounds to kill a tank with it.

And of course im not really talking about tigers there.

On a seperate note about shells. It feels like u.s. HE rounds are more forgiving. For example when I’m playing germany I’ll often shoot at a crowd of people and get zero kills, where as i dont really seem to have that problem with u.s. can anyone verify if the different nation HE rounds are all coded the same…is this just a personal problem? Lol…wondered if its a terrain thing as well, and the rounds ricochet off the ground or something.

The angle of the shell also affects it like german howitzer shell since they have slower muzzle goes downward angle making them less likely to bounce and also spread their HE better.

HE Shell are guarenteed to richochet around 5 degree angle

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The US HE shell does have more fragments than the Germany 75mm round, but not by much (about 8%)
Explosions have 2 parts in enlisted (to my knowledge) … Blast Radius (Effective against structure / vehicles) and Fragmentation (Effective against infantry). In addition, there is ricochet chance as well.

German Ordinance:

USA Ordinance:

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This is awesome, never know where to go to find this kind of stuff. Thank you for your effort putting this up

The great @Euthymia07 made it: Enlisted Resource! - Mess Room - Enlisted

Tons of stats in there! lots that are not in or that are incorrect in the game.

It’s Pinned in the forum Enlisted Resource - Google Spreadsheets

One more thing for the time being, is a round more likely to ricochet off concrete, like a paved road vs a dirt road?

So far no

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