Predict what Enlisted will look like in 3 years

(1). Individual PVE modes have been added to each faction.

(2). Early Access on Steam has ended and the official version has been released.

(3).PVE attracts quite a few casual players and has become a popular content, regular squad mode attracts sweatlords.

(4).The game is announced to be entering the Cold War era.

(5). bipods will remain broken.

This is my prediction.
What do you guys think Enlisted will be like in a few years?


Bipods will never be fixed and they’re probably better off following warframes plan of things

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honestly sounds reasonable except the bipods (presume its a joke); its in the dev fix pipeline; so theyll get to it; esp after all the people here whining about it mercelessly

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Vehicles will be usable by any tanker/pilot squad. Just like BR5 weapons are usable by any squad including low BR squads.


that would actually be lovely tbh since that mean i can finally use my GO tiger that i bought (at the time i thought it would unlock the tiger for free but that was me being stupid or ignorant i guess)

how enlisted would look like IF

  • we get proper customization for soldiers

  • camouflages and proper decals for vehicles

  • bipods gets fixed

  • pve matchmaker

  • clan content

  • more and different type of gamemodes both for pve and pvp

  • editor gets more features, quality of life updates, and proper documentations from officials

  • everyone could progress event and gain some xp through mods featured in events


and yet 3 years after it was first reported it is still in devs pipeline…


their pipelines:


This would be super exciting

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yea i would love that tbh but then again as long as i get to shoot semi auto/full auto gun im fine with any era

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We will have tutorial for mod editor

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I just want Pershing vs T-34-85 and I want to see all the cool prototypes the US was screwing around with in Korea


yea same altho if they ever add Korea or Vietnam i would want to see EM1 or EM2 even tho those are british i think i might have to look it up




In 3 years you Say?

Well yes Is probable After the sucess of the zombie mode we get a pve mode, because Everyone is loving It

As Is true the game sooner or later Is released on steam wen the storm calm down, and maybe Epic to Who know

Because the BR V Is have already a lot of cold war and post war stuff, i bet already in this year we get jet

Press F for the bipod


BR5 is basically hypothetical 1946 anyhow, minus a few goodies (Jagdtiger, IS3, Super P)


I want them sweet sweet firearm prototypes

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Maybe by 2030 we will have working non laggy servers, and working bipods + more fluid animations + ai that is at least as smart as one in F.E.A.R + vehicles that will gain some weight and not get stuck on every small or medium sized objects and more sane monetization with things that are worth our money and more frequent sales.

If they ever do Korean war and cold war i hope it will be at BR7 far away from BR4 and 5. BR6 can have super heavy tanks that would still be there in WW2.

I don’t want copy of WT situation where Heavy ww2 tanks are fighting vs M46 with Heatfs and just murdering me instantly.

More pve would be very welcome, they could expand on it and have new unlock trees with imaginary weapons and vehicles. You can go full Wolfenstein on it because why not.

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PVE and singleplayer missions
Italy and uk into separate factions
france maybe
more mm queues
free on steam
multiple new maps and fronts
more guns and vehicles
better customization
better custom matches
bipods fixed
advanced AI