Panzer IV H should be in BR3

I don’t understand why Panzer IV J is in BR3, while Panzer IV H is in BR4.

Is it because Panzer IV J has smoke grenades and Panzer IV H doesn’t (LOL)? Or is it because there are several 5mm iron plates on the side of H?

Even in the war thunder, J and H’s Battle Rankings are identical.

You know that BR3 and 4 are a huge change in Enlisted. This means that H will enter BR5 100% and face IS-2 or M26. This not only disgusts people who like H (such as fans of anime girls and panzer), but also disgusts other players of the German BR5.


Agreed. Move PzIVJ to BR4 please.


Agreed. Panzer 4 Js should not fight against BR1


Because J is worse than H.

What a mystery it’s on lower BR.


if we get rid of BR 1 vs 3 and BR 3 vs 5, I am relatively happy where things are…(a few exceptions)

BR -+0 sooooo much better


Insightful analysis.

I’d still love to see no PzIV in low BR.

not even pz IV short 75mm?

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meh. Can’t say I ever see that, so… sure? PzIVJ rollin’ in like ants at a goddamn picknick.

I’m tired of the sight of them and H won’t make that better.

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Not a single br 3 tank should fight br 1. They will need to fix the mm system if they ever want new players to stay in the game


I hated the thought of BR 3 vs 1 before it came to live. I mainly just play BR 2, but the few games I have taken out my fully decked BR 3 is just disgusting when you get down tiered. it feels so wrong lol.


Without discussing the issue of balance, I cannot agree that H is better than J. If you carefully compare the data of two Pz.IVs, you will find that they are only three different.

・There are several 5mm additional armor pieces on the side of H that have no practical effect.
・J has a smoke grenade while H does not.
・J’s machine gun has slightly more ammunition than H.

If we don’t consider the appearance, I would even be more willing to use J. At least I can fire smoke grenades to provide cover while repairing.

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Completely ignoring J has significantly worse turret traverse speed.

Because for obvious reasons.


Raising J to BR4 does not solve the balance problem. You will find Pz IV F2 and StuG III F are still crushing the BR1 vehicle. The crushing of J and H in BR4 by IS-2 and M26 is essentially the same tragedy.

The Soviet T-34 and KV-1, as well as the various Shermans of the United States, are completely capable of competing with H/J. The problem is the current BR mechanism, and BR1 players must also face BR3.

I won’t discuss the issue of balance here much, I just advocate that J and H are essentially indistinguishable, and you can consider them a same tank. Anyway, they should not appear in different BRs.


This is depressing, people don’t even have a solid counter argument anymore.
They just want to keep the factions other than their own weaker.


J’s turret traverse: 6.0°/s
H’s traverse: 14.0°/s
& H is heavier, so it has slightly less acceleration


The rotation speed of a turret does not have much significance in Enlisted. Even if you don’t have one (BR5’s Ho-RI). G and H have the same rotation speed, and G is at BR3. Armor and main guns still mainly determine a tank’s BR.

turret traverse speed does matter if you are fending off infantry at close ranges.


I’d still love to see no KV1 or Sherman in low BR.


Pz IV J should be BR4, together with it’s brother Pz IV H, as it’s late war modification with more armor but less electric turret traverse.
And it needs to stop appearing in Tunisia, Moscow and Stalingrad.

People who want a long barrel Pz IV on BR3 can use Pz IV F2/G, it’s basically the same but actually fought throughout most of the war, not just from 1944.

Funnily enough, the Merge was supposed to bring more balance.

However, now Pz IIs are meeting KV-1 and T-34-76 is meeting Tiger 2.

Before the Merge KV-1 was met at the very least with Pz III J and Tiger 2 by T-34-85.

Ridiculous argument, have you ever tried out Panzer III J?

Pretty strong for a BR1 vehicle - the turret rotation speed makes it almost impossible to shoot at infantry at closer ranges.

Panzer IV J indeed has a very poor rotation speed, and as such has similar difficulties.

That being said, the main argument shouldn’t even be balance, all long gun Panzer IVs have a good gun that is decent enough to at least have a chance to fight back many BR4 and even BR5 vehicles - while even most BR1 vehicles in return can defeat them aswell because of 50mm turret armor.

The main argument should be that a super late war version is in BR3, while the F2 version in also in BR3.

This all means that ONLY Panzer IV J are even played - which is weird, Panzer IV G should be the main played Panzer IV version, since that was the most common version.

  • which again is weird, because it is a Stalingrad legacy vehicle AND has the slightly weaker F2 gun instead of the L48.