Our plans for upcoming updates

We keep sharing our ideas for improving the game with you. In the previous blog we already told you about the better visualization of your army’s current BR, a button to quickly disarm your soldiers in the reserve and an option to sell unnecessary squads.

In the upcoming updates we will implement these features and add a few more ideas to the list.


You can already find this button in your soldiers’ preset options and allows you to give them the best equipment and weapons from your inventory in one click.

We will add levels to it according to the current BRs. Building an army for BR 3 battles? Select it from the list and click the button. Your soldier will take the best equipment from your inventory, but… not above the specified BR.


We have already planned to clearly display your current BR in the interface, but we also want to provide information about the BR of your potential opponents, as well as the maps you can get with your current BR.


With the merging of campaigns there is now the possibility for one country to get into both winter locations and battles at other seasons of the year and on other fronts. We’ve kept the customization tied to the former campaigns so that Enlisted could remain authentic wherever the opportunity is available to us.

But according to your feedback, dressing every soldier in a large army for different seasons and battlefields proved to be very time-consuming.

We got you. We’ll add the possibility to apply the selected clothes on one soldier to the whole squad with one click. They’ll try to take it from your inventory or if you don’t have the needed items, there’ll be an option to purchase the missing ones.

The work on the new Enlisted continues.


I know you guys are trying.
I am excited about the great improvements and the preview of new features.


Can vehicle camos change based on the theatre? Jarring to see winter camo on summer map


are there any plans for overhauling/improving customisation system itself (both vehicles and uniforms)?


I wouldn’t mind a camo unlock system like War Thunder for vehicles and other stuff tbh

Ardennes when


Will you guys be adding the option to change the camo on premium vehicles? It’s weird having a Sherman firefly with desert camo when it will only see Normandy and Battle of the Bulge! (same with the Jagdpanther!)


The issue with customization wasn’t necessary how long it took to customize soldiers but that some nations need to do it across six different campaigns

What really needs done is it to be simplified so you don’t need to buy six different sets of uniforms, having only three tabs would be preferred for

Berlin, Normandy

Moscow, Bulge, Stalingrad

Tunisia, Pacific

As it stands you have to spend an ungodly amount of orders customizing your troops across multiple campaigns, all of which tend to have different uniform pieces and options despite being in the same seasons


Why not make a cosmetic only need for purchase once?


I was thinking that instead of having diffrent clothing options for moscow and stalingrad witch are simmilar to their temperature they should be united into winter gear and summer or spring gear considering that berlin and normany also have simmilar temperatures and have a complete diffrent for Tunisia i think that would help a lot with customaization


With that addition we are going to buy many skins.

Think we should also expand the clothes and lower their price

and, it would be wonderful if when we buy a premium squad we can dress our non premiun squads with it, it would be something quite unique and a reason to buy premium Squads like jaggers, sovieg marines, etc…


Several dollars per outfit piece INDIVIDUALLY is insane
It should have been across the whole squad as an unlock


So, when can the Italian squads not automatically dress up as the German army? This is terrible, neither historical nor interesting. You have already made some non desert uniforms for the Italian army…


and also show the BR of your teammates or friends in the room


Does this mean we still have to buy the same cosmetic for the same soldier for multiple map types?

If my soldier has the same helmet in moscow and stalingrad…why need to buy 2? It should already be in his kit.


I think many players will agree that its not just timeconsuming, but also very costly. It would be much more enjoyable and efficient if we could use the uniforms which have many copys,on all battlefields without buying them like 4-5 times, to make the soldier look the same on the battlefields. Thx :wink:


Do you have plans to give us some proper customisation for Italians? British on maps other than Tunisia can count on their own uniforms, but Italians are put in german ones. It definetely doesn’t add to the “autenticity”

Second thing is mess with camouflages and equipment - Germans still have option to wear Erbsentarn from 1944 in Moscow and Stalingrad setups. Meanwhile Berlin has a helmet that is lacking from the Eichentarn set from Normandy. Meanwhile some uniforms are binded with specific ammo pouches - it makes no sense to give a soldier with Kar98 or Mp40 pouches for Stg44. Give us an option to freely change the equipment cosmetics.

Next thing is about premium and event squads - some time ago you made it so they can still use their unique cometics on maps, on which they were previously not available. That’s fine. But instead of making it an option you gave us no choice in case we want them to wear something different on purpose. And now for example I’m stuck with my silenced Sten squad always wearing desert clothing, even in Normandy.

And for the last - give us unlockable vehicle camouflages, that change depending on the map, exactly like it is in War Thunder. It is definetely wrong to see vehicles in snow camo roaming around Tunesia desert, or yellow Italian vehicles in Moscow/Stalingrad.

Overall customisation requires still a lot of work from the dev team and I hope that some day you will deliver something that would reach it’s potential. Because for now it is in my opinion wasted. For some inspiration definetely check out threads about uniforms by @ErikaKalkbrenner


Can you fix the pisspoor matchmaking already? Tier 3 US/SU is still unplayable due to being uptiered 9 out of 10 times? Im sick of fighting sweats with fully upgraded STG44s and Kingtigers with shitty boltactions and t34s.


so let me get this straight.

1 year of complains about customization and you guys somehow got out of it:

show me.

literally show me who complained about that specifically.


because for like, 90% of the community ( maybe even more ) that’s literally the least of the customization problems.

just a… automatically dress my soldier is all you guys did to the customization?

or… came up with?

those are some huge :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post: :triangular_flag_on_post:


  • lacks of selection of uniforms

  • lacks of variety of uniforms

  • expensive cosmetics

  • lacks of basic faction decals for vehicles

  • gold order vehicles, bikes, and premium vehicles got no ability to select different paint job for those maps that they can end up being

df: “wE gOt YoU”

*proceed to add a button to fill all soldiers with cosmetics and ask you to buy more if you don’t have them.

saying that i’m disappointed it’s an understatement.


Does this mean my soldiers will have to keep fighting in orange autumn maps with pure white snow cover uniforms? :worried:

We need a uniform warehouse, so that we can manage purchased uniforms easier.
By the way, some of the uniforms I bought before the update are disappear, do you have any clue abou that?