Operation “Winter Fantasy”

Happy Holidays, Commanders!

Winter holidays are a time of presents, surprises and good spirits. It is much more pleasant to celebrate it in the circle of friends, loving family or comrades-in-arms.

Let’s make it so! Staying true to tradition, this holiday season will be full of promotions, entertaining events and, of course, gifts!

From December 20th, 2023 (13:00 UTC) to January 19th, 2024 (13:00 UTC) we invite you to celebrate together!


Complete tasks and move up the rewards ladder. For every point you get a smaller reward, while for every 5 points there is a bigger one.

  • Kill 150 enemies.
  • Destroy 10 vehicles.
  • Your rally points were used 50 times.
  • Complete 10 battles.
  • Earn a total of 20,000 battle score.

You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards of this Holiday event! Tasks can be completed simultaneously. Tasks are updated every 2 days.


We have prepared memorable gifts for your vehicles and profile, unique squads with powerful and rare weapons and a whole holiday sleigh packed with other prizes.


You can never have too many Assaulters! Two squads with their countries’ iconic weapons and an engineer in the squad.

German Assaulters with Horn Sturmgewehr

German Assaulters with Horn Sturmgewehr

Panzer Brigade 150

600th Parachute Battalion

A squad of 5 soldiers armed with Horn Sturmgewehrs, an original small-batch “last minute” weapon. It was assembled almost entirely from stamped metal and spare parts from other German weapons.

The designer of this weapon was Kurt Horn, one of the creators of the legendary MG-42 machine gun! His assault rifle showed very good accuracy and reliability, on par with the mass-produced German assault rifles.

Do not underestimate this weapon! The damage is not less than that of its competitors, it has a 30-round magazine and a very manageable recoil.

USSR Assaulters with AT-44

USSR Assaulters with AT-44

350th Infantry Division

1180th Infantry Regiment

Squad of 5 soldiers with AT-44 automatic rifles designed by F. Tokarev.

The designer used his own SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle as a basis. The basic parts were almost unchanged, but were simply made on a smaller scale. This approach allowed the designer to significantly reduce the time of work on the model, simplify its production and try a lot of original solutions.

Good iron sights, and the powerful recoil can be easily controlled due to its 550 rounds per minute rate of fire.


A talented tanker accidentally met this little guy in the middle of the forest, and after the encounter, painted him on his Sherman. We appreciated such an original decal and want to share it with all active participants of this Holiday event.


3D decorators for your ground vehicles. Distinguish your vehicle among thousands of similar ones.


The symbol of the New Year and Christmas right next to your nickname in the scoreboard and kill-log - the brightest thing that can make you stand out in the upcoming battles.


  • You get 1 point for each completed task.
  • To unlock a stage with a big reward you need 5 points.
  • The list of tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the progress on them resets. Be sure to collect your reward before then.
  • The tasks can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • The tasks can be completed simultaneously.
  • From 19th January to 21st January (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards.

Meh, this is probably a skip, waay too grindy considering it’s xmas break and the last event hasn’t even ended yet.

Let me fix it for you:

  • Kill 100 enemies.
  • Destroy 5 vehicles.
  • Your engineering structures were used 25 times.
  • Complete 5 battles.
  • Earn a total of 25,000 battle score.

Also i have top tier squads, probably more attractive to newer players

Also those who don’t know: This event STG has the nerfed RoF of the STG 45. The AT-44 is cool though


I might start despising events some day.


glad about the rewards but…

kinda feels a bit overkill especially since it’s almost chirstmas.

unless you’re an outcast individual, you will be ( as should be ) spending time with your own families etc.

hope you guys can at least do that lol

anyway, the other question i have is, i know it’s technically ar engineers, but, are we allowed to change their weapons?

because i love some luftwaffe units and give them their actual weapons with perhaps only one engy with ar.

( edit… ah… they are assaulters… not engies )


I heard some grapevine that AT-44 in Enlisted only has 550 RPM.
In fact, there is an ample evidence to prove that AT-44 has 690RPM, don’t mess it up.


Awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1: :+1:

Is this the SG access related event? or is that in the future?

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bunch of tasks for two days thats bit too much and two hours and the event starts


Great! Do we have also the christmas tree for engineers like the last years?


2 days to earn more than 3w points and complete TONS OF TASKS while the lated USSR paratroopers only require 2W POINT PER TWO DAYS.This is not practical.


war thunder grind event


no one think the tasks are to hard to finish?


This seems excessive during a holiday season … and we have to do this 9 times it seems (to get both squads … more if you want the gold orders). I would reduce this a bit or unlock it entirely where you can complete the entire thing at your own pace.

Also, are we getting a Premium Account Sale this year by any chance (please say yes, got to pick up a year for 2024 :smiley: )?


35k every 2 days? burnout will be so real…
and 10 matches ensureing that you cant have a good match to cut it short…


3 and half hours of battles if every battle lasts 20 mins


Not impressed.

Requirements are WAY overboard.


what a great gift for holidays , oh right, we Chineses have no holidays even when our own festival comes lol :joy: :joy: :joy:

It’s 2 days long, plus you need to do only 3 of 5 tasks to properly get a main rewards, i mean squads ofc.


Just start the sales man.


Is this the event SG full access get them instantly or will that be later?

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