No unique customization pieces in the bp?

Im kinda dissapointed. You should put more unique rewards for the bp like tank camos and decals


Well, that’s big sad. (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `):heart:

It is. The bp is boring and depressing. It shouldnt be our main way to get silver it should be an way to get season exclusive stuff and cosmetics.


Agree. And it doesn’t need to be necessarily outfits for soldiers.
They could just reuse some decals from WT for vehicles. There’s so many of them in war thunder.


And also wt decorators and camos. Heck they could even put some unique vehicles into the bp

effe that.

better having none in the bp than none available in the customization selection by shrinking it as those would only become available for a short period of time and no longer obtainable through said bps.

idk who idea was to limit and put cosmetics behind a bp.
but i’m glad they didn’t followed through with it.

They could reuse the same cosmetics and also put them in events. I just think that the current bp is boring and something needs to change

let’s not give them weird ideas and force them to increase the price, shall we ?

last thing that i want, is default ww2 cosmetics under some weird event or bp that will shrink the already stricted and lacklaster customization.

not to mention, the said bp increases it’s price for minor things that shouldn’t even be there.

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I highly doubt all 6 hats were behind paywalled part of the BP.

I didnt mean putting basic stuff but something more interesting and rare. Also there could be some wacky tanks and planes aswell as decals and decorators. All could be taken from wt

4 of them were

which that’s precisely what happened.

said tanks and wacky shit increased it’s price.

since the bp is some sort of income for lots of people, i don’t see why we should replace half of the silver levels with stuff that most players wouldn’t even use past 2 or three matches.

I got 4 hats and i am f2p

Means customization worth of 240g could f2p players get for free.

When did this happen? I dont check the prices because i dont pay for it. Obviously it shouldnt become more expensive

thanks for the correction.

i wasn’t sure if it was 2 or 4.

yeah but that’s not the point.

litro putting cosmetics behind bp is the worst idea as those will most likely never come back.

and you shrink furthermore the already lacklaster selection of the models available for the general customization.

which, we got lucky with the hat. as it’s just the same one but with earflaps down.
but if there is a next time, it might not be just a hat, but an entire tunic or camouflage which ware used commonly. like perhaps a gray uniform… or default tan of the us army etc.

following the stupid pattern of stug III ausf G as premium and then common outfit behind premium / bp ( like already happened )

unless it’s something extremely rare such as the leibermuster camouflage, ( which it’s already locked behind premium and no longer obtainable ) it makes 0 sense to lock them forever behind a time frame.

weren’t you the one against fomo too?

it used to be ( if not mistaken ) around 10/15 at the beginning.

it then changed it’s prices to 15/20. ( unless i remember wrong. )

something that will definitely happen here as well if you give them reasons to.

Worst idea because of my completely made up assumption.
Not really the strongest argument to start with.

It depends. The hat we got in previous BP was just variant of already existing hat that’s available in normal customization.
It was exclusive and unique enough, but definitely not something that would rob you of customization options.

Ohh, you have mentioned right after xD.

Well, yet another insecure assumption based on literally nothing.

Well, there’s still superior version of Stuff III G with coax which should be added to tech tree.

Idk. Maybe? I don’t remember. But I like exclusive items to some extent.
It’s a good feeling to have something unique that not every player can have. Especially since it’s nothing must have like this hat.
It’s unique, but definitely not something you’ll be regretting missing out on.

not by one bit if backed up with actual examples such as the stug.

or half of the premium german squads camouflage.

do you see those in the customization?

enlight me.

that’s how everything that suddenly becomes a problem starts.

the more you let it fly, the more they’ll get away with it.

have you… just forgot with what we are dealing with?

yeah but still.

why isn’t that hat in the customization opposed in being in a bp ?

never heard of predictions based on patterns have you?

which doesn’t exist in wt.

and there are no hints of ever coming to enlisted.

should i consider that to be an " insecure assumption based on literally nothing " ?

how convinient

i find it funny how you lament about the others that they " can’t argue " when you do literally the same and can’t actually argue your self. no wonder why you get funny messages and feels targeted with half of your takes.

no wonder why you putted your own profile on private.

You’re going against yourself here. I remember when you got all upset when new premium squads like APC didn’t have unique outfits.

I don’t know, I have a very good and positive feeling about the direction of the game over the last few months.

More like based on insecure feelings.

Not all vehicles in enlisted are copy pasted from WT.

You got me wrong, I really don’t remember. xD
But the important thing is that I don’t see the various unique customization options for BP as a negative. On the contrary. I think that’s exactly the kind of thing BP needs.
But like I said, I’d be more in favor of decals on vehicles as well. There’s so many of them in WT.

The rest of what I quoted feels like some personal attacks, which I wouldn’t really expect from you.

more about the fact that they didn’t had anything to begin with.

the unique or not, was to make it more appealing.

but just like any good samaritan around here making good/bad suggestions.
gets ignored just as the others.


do i have to quote every pessimist thought that you had in the last weeks / month ?

i suppose self awareness isn’t your strongest.

talking for experience?

if that would be the case, you’re still way off from the mark.

if anyhing, is denoting behaviors and using logic to put 2 with 2 together.

adamnpee striking again with his infinite knowledge and wisdome.
too bad they aren’t straight up ripped off from war thunder.

because war thunder does not have hatches.
enlisted does.

war thunder does not have dedicated cockpit for each seat.
enlisted does.

but you sure know about that. dont you?

oh wait.

i know you pretty darn well i’m afraid.

or starting to see in a different and more real light.

i will not stand by it.

on the other hand, do.
because it restricts the players of choises that should be there, as a base for any ww2 game.
one might call it, for immersion.
remember? the same ones that you always chanted about?
yeah. that one.

the customization should let you actually wear things that were used and not be restrictive about it.
to the very least, not to extents like happened on the stug III, jagdpanther, US airborne olive tunic, german knochensach tunics, japanese chi ha and many others that have no reasons to be restricted.

limitations or fomo things are nothing but trikents for the selfish people.

if you call any of these personal attacks, i can’t say nothing but i feel sorry for you.