No BR5 gold order tank for USA?

I dont see a gold order USA tank in BR5, max is BR4.
But USA does have 2 tanks BR5 in the research tree.
Germany has a gold order tank BR5, USSR also and Japan has BR4 (which is their max BR).
So I wonder, why no BR5 gold order tank for USA?

(I dont know much about tanks, dont use them much, I dont mean to start a discussion about which faction has better/too good stuff in case that is the reason, I’m just wondering in general why all factions but USA have a gold order tank in their max BR. Thanks)


Gold order pershing will probably come. M18 hellcat with an skin would be nice


Patience, first we need to receive the new update than the new BP.

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Not a bad coffin

Fastest coffin actually.
I still get PTSD from Heroes and Generals hellcat because reto f🙂cked up hellcat’s on and off road speed and both were equally fast.
One minute into battle and the little sh!t was already camping the spawn.

Classic reto refused to acknowledge their mistake and instead balanced HC with even paperer armour.

Because they never added a GO M4A2 (76) W

I would like to see this skin for Pershing
If you cant read side of it(Alles kaput) which I think means everything broken or everything is broken
And in barrel I thing it says Bugs this is from 8th Armored Division - Pilsen, Germany, June 1945.

The M4A2(76)W was not an important Sherman in the western front during WWII, no US combat use,
because the whole production run was shipped off to the Soviet Union.

But If they decide to add M4A3(76)W this skin would be what I would want

Also @Conscript_Joe stop being sloppy

M4A1 Sherman tanks of 603rd Separate Tank Company, Dutch New Gwinea, March 1944. At the foreground, M4A1 named “Sloppy Joe” which destroyed 22 Japanese bunkers during fights on Admirality Islands.


I SOOOO NEED that Sherman skin!!!


:thinking: :memo: :eyes:




And the hellcats in this game is even worse

What does this cryptic message mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are secretly taking notes

Thinking then noting then we’ll see or soon ™

LOL ok thanks guys, thats good news then.
All I see is “think/write/look” and my brain says it could mean different things.

Very nice, I’ll take any of them if BR5.

Ok, I didnt know then that the M4A3E2 Jumbo (BR4) was only added 2 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I’m just messing around in BR3 with the gold order Sherman II en the regular M4something with 105 howitzer cannon.

I dont really like how the jumbo looks. The lime stains look stupid