Next Battle Pass Benefits

Post merge battlepass is looking very anemic since the currency merge

Can future battlepasses contain more interesting benefits going forward like vehicle decals, rare uniforms or even battle pass vehicle or two?? That would help with the interest in grinding, customization and ability to add rare flavor beyond just battle pass weapons.


How do you post pictures on the forum

A big ass totenkopf, of right before cancel culture decided skulls and bones have to be censored like windmills :laughing:

But I’d use such a hat even after DF’s usual cheap censorship.


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i wouldn’t say no.

but that would increase it’s price like happened in wt.

so… to be fair, i rather have the battlepass for the same price, and additional content behind paywall / unlockments etc

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I agree with this. But I think the vehicles should either be variants of equipment in the game (e.g. Grizzly and Sherman or just skins) Of course they should be free and not too frequent so it doesn’t make it boring to see an army of the same skins etc. But I don’t think it should be new vehicles however.

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They should stop being greedy for once and make new BP seasons as something worth celebrating not just yet another lazy vehicle skins that nobody is using anyway (with a few exceptions). They are only made BP in WT so expensive because those vehicles are with premium bonus i don’t need them i want unique vehicles that’s all, leave premium bonuses to premium packs/account.

On the topic of premiums we should be able to unlock old premium squads/vehicles that are removed from the game like in WT with bp bounds that you could grind doing those weekly missions.


i did suggested something similar, to make them somewhat more interesting.

but yeah

we both know the outcome and chances of probability of that ever happening…

but even mine would just increase the overhal price.
( or give them exscuses to… )
it’s just a landmine waiting to be detonated at first " touch ".

executives always wants more…

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