New mechanics for repairing armored vehicles

Vehicles in Enlisted are very complex and consist of a lot of different internal modules - there are targeting systems, multiple parts of the gun, engine, transmission, and much more. But before, these cool details were only visible in the hit camera.

In the upcoming major update, repairing armored vehicles will become a much more interesting and tactically important process - each of the key modules can be repaired separately!


Let’s say you’ve been hit by a powerful APHE round that has taken out your engine, track and cannon. The enemy is already loading a new shell - how to get ahead of him?

Well, fix only the cannon!

The standard repair kit will contain parts for 8 repairs, and can be used directly from the inventory or can be picked up. The number of times you can extinguish fires will also increase.

With this separate repair mechanic, the process of repairing each module will be faster than it is now, when repairing the whole tank. As a result, you will have every chance to restore the vehicle to fighting condition in the shortest possible time and fire back at the enemy!

The process of repair will be very apparent - the color of the module will indicate the degree of its damage from white to dark red.

There is good news for infantry too! In order to repair the tank, the player needs to approach the damaged module. Got the hint? If the cannon is damaged, the enemy can’t hide behind the tank anymore.

Stay tuned, commanders, this is not all the new features of the upcoming update!


no dev blog
Give us news of the merge update


Well coming from OG H&G player, that sucks


No asked for this “feature”


All I see is…

But okay, I can live with that. But just bring back zoom for commander.


Interesting. It’s technically a “nerf” for tankers… but a good one because it seems like a fun mechanic. Tanking should be much more interesting after this, and a bit more tactical too.


So my Jagdpanther and Jumbo gonna be even more op. Got it.

Now when playing tank I not only have deal with pixel scam of the gun but also waste 10 minutes finding the right spot to access repair. What could possibly go wrong?



I dont think so. Outcome of destroying enemy tank’s gun will most likely be the same.
It just supports more passive gameplay because you can’t repair everything at once.
Like we need more camping tanks, lmao.



Like @Myrm1don said somewhere, please implement the ability to TOW friendly vehicles, as well as wrecks. Just like in War Thunder.

Repairing the canon, will simply be impossible without cover, so having a friendly pulling your tank out of harm way and into cover might be a very smart thing to do.

Also, ppl would really like a way to get past the numerous tank wrecks blocking the way after an intense fight.


Personally I think this a very interesting addition. My questions:

  • Are you still able to do an “OVERALL” repair that fixes all parts a little bit at once?

  • Does this mean that you can repair parts multiple times to regain full health on them?

  • Is the “standard repair kit” going to be the toolkits that take up medkits currently?


Rather than using standard toolkits that exist in the medical slot currently, give this function to a secondary weapon that ONLY the tankers can have. (Similar to the engineers’ hammer.)
Having toolkits in their backpack will add an additional 8 uses to their repair tool.

Meanwhile, the current “toolkit” consumables be made into consumables required for non-engineer soldiers to deconstruct enemy fortifications!


It a devblog already с:
As was said before, we need more time to properly do a Enlisted 2.0 plus there will be more devblogs on this week.


Not really… after this, destroying the tank gun will mean winning the tank duel entirely. Because no matter how many crewmen the enemy will pop out trying to repair, he will just HE or mg them.

It will be different. Tanks will probably camp more, sure… as they should irl, but smart accurate shots will be more rewarding.



That’s exactly what is happening rn. At least from my experience.

There will be one special comrade in one of the devblogs for you to see.

Lol, you don’t know that the upcoming major update is not the merge update?

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So now we can use repair tool like how engineer hold hammer? then we can see the damaged part?

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On one hand i think its nifty!!!

On the other hand, fat chance you will be able to repair anything without being able to take cover behind the tank anymore haha. A damaged turret is a dead tank lol.

Going a bit more historical/realistic again?