New Levels - Need Help!

Recently, I learned about Enlisted’s sister game, Cuisine Royal or CRSED:F.O.A.D. I looked into it and the graphics and gameplay practically mirror that of Enlisted. I also took a look at the file structure, and it was arranged in the same way as Enlisted.

Enlisted’s Game Files


Cuisine Royale’s Game Files

With some differences in gameplay and setting, they are built upon the same structure. I took a look at some of the levels in the game, and saw some photos. I then had an interesting idea.

Cuisine Royale’s Levels

Currently, Enlisted has 20 levels that mod editors can use to create custom mods. Whilst this does offer a lot of potential for mod editors, I wanted to expand this possibility.

Current levels in Enlisted

The question is, Is it possible to take a level from Cuisine Royale and use it to create an Enlisted mod? If so, then how?

Screenshots from the “Mexico” map - Would have been useful for my Pancho Villa mod

Now currently I have no clue as to what to do, but going off of what I have, here is what I believe I need to do.

Find a way to put a level into a custom game, since it is impossible for the map to be downloaded universally unless it is packaged in mod.

I currently need to find a way to load the level into the sandbox without it crashing. If anybody wants to volunteer and help me with this, please reply or send me a message.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

As I know… They’re different and you can’t use them. Maybe outdated. Or need to add textures and other things that we can’t do currently time.

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Aha, I see. Well it was worth the effort. Hopefully things change in the future.