New class speculation

Here come my Speculation about these new class that probably won’t be true (except these vehicles base one cause that normal)

Speculation: Officer, Glider and some sort of new vehicle base class.

What I think the class could do:


I think they will have skill or buff like increase reload and movement speed by 10% or something like that and of course it won’t stack cause that would make thing ridiculous


Like I said before the glider can do damage on impact (not enough to destroy a tank obviously) so it basically another para squad but glider instead. The catch is the plane spawn far unlike para plane so you can actually shoot it and the glider down

Vehicle base class

Just a vehicle squad with a rename soldier to what the vehicle is, for example: armor car driver and jeep driver (I wouldn’t be surprised if they add these types of class tbh)

Anyway this is just my speculation not a suggestion so yea it better be something actually interesting cause I actually don’t see a point of a new class tbh now that APC is a thing.

Just to be clear again this is not a suggestion but a speculation.

Imo glider is pointless (just like partisians). It’s just paras but marginally different.

Vehicle is also a wrong guess as devs wrote “new soldier class” not “new vehicle class”. So unless they want to move around existing stuff or there was a misscommunication, I think it’s going to be infantry class.

Imo the 2 most probable classes are guardaman or officer.
I guess Guard units are just more daka with better guns and better perks. Imo super boring, assaulter 2.0, powercreep / filler addition (depends on the execution).
Officer would be either fairy magic like in battlefront where you give a boost to ppl in the circle arround you, or some new ways to command your AI. But imo bots are too stupid and generally too bad to do anything more complex than “stand here” (sometimes they can’t do even that).

So as you can see I’m very sceptical about this new class. I just don’t see a need for one and all possible ones I can think of are either nonsense or are not unique enough from what we already have to justify creation of a new class.


Exactly whatever this new class is it better be something good otherwise what the point

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Maybe grenadier (with intent to nerf other classes by not allowing them to use big grenade bag etc).

But I guess not many people are crying about grenade “spam” nowadays. So I don’t see it too much realistically.


I can already hear the cry of all sweats who will end up with 40+ surplus of big grenade pouches.


If it grenadier imo it just AT gunner but grenade so not that unique still it will take like a year or 2 for this “new class” to appear

I tend to think this is going to be another vehicle, with armored cars.

in my opiniom,I think it coud be a mechanic for me, a supoort class designed for aid tankers who can move in jeep,similar to riders

gliders are huge and clumsy. if anyone with a heavy weapon sees u, u will get obliterated. And the gliders themselves are fragile, they won’t be controllable once it got hit. and if it got stuck on a tree landing, ppl spawning on it will freefall to their untimely death.

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low br dwellers ofc.

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Fight jet pilot

I hope horses

Horses do not belong to front line, lol. It would be similar nonsense like adding gas attacks. Horses were used mainly for logistic purpose during ww2.

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Yes i know but whatever we have a lot of class that are not used in historical way in the game

You mean Assaulter 3.0 (Medic are 2.0)?


The horses would strongly influence the overall impression/feeling of the game, as they would stand out a lot. I don’t like the idea of them being added to the game.

But that’s just my subjective opinion.


Gimmie officer

More than just small buffs though, directing AI on scale would be sweet :stuck_out_tongue:


Devs have issues with humans and vehicles. I can’t imagine the clunkiness and ammount of bugs the horses would bring. Even 3A studios have issues with horses.


quite interesting but personally idk how that would look like

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It’s gonna be an officer.

The special function of the class is to be able to better coordinate the team efforts by drawing dicks on the public minimap to indicate clever approach strategies etc.