New assault gun tank

The Sturmgeschutz IV was one of the most common armored units of the Axis Powers in the Battle of Normandy. It’s nice to know if the tank would make it into the game one day.


There is no StuG IV model in War Thunder. Enlisted does not made their own tank model, the devs simply reuse what is in War Thunder. So no StuG IV in Enlisted until there is one in War Thunder.

Also StuG III G is almost identical to StuG IV and it is already in Normandy (well if you are willing to pay)

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arent flame Stuart, KhT-130 and Flammpanzer II unique to Enlisted?


You are right, I absolutly forgot about flame tanks. Yet flame tank are at least something different from war thunder. Stug IV would just be a reskined Stug III

I wish Stug was for free to play players :pensive:

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Is the Stug in Stalingrad not available free? Sorry I honestly dont know as I bought Stalingrad

It should be after merge, so…


That’s why I am really surprised that they did not added the StuH 42 as a counterpart to the upcoming M4 105. So many people are requesting free Stug.


All I truly want is Stug III G with working coax. Otherwise I will rather stay with JP IV.
I really don’t like vehicles without MGs.


In an “infantry focused” game anyway, certainly needed.


I really do not like this label.

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corrected. allthough its becoming more and more combined focus

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Hopefully we will see some true objectives for planes and ground vehicles.
Being purely just death machines is kinda meh, especially when particular vehicle isn’t even good at it.

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There will not be symmetrical campaign level after the merge. No point of requesting counterpart for each vehicle added.

Plus following his logic, Soviet should get counterpart to StuH as well. But he choose to ignore them.

I did not talked about soviet because it was a post about Stug. Soviet could get SU-122 which is a T-34 based equivalent of the StuH.

That does not mean that vehicle have to be ignored just because “No need of counterpart”. I don’t play Germany much or soviets. That does not mean that they have to be excluded from getting their vehicle that served in WW2.

At this point you could say “Soviet don’t need paratroopers because there is No point of requesting counterpart” Yet many people did requested them.

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105 Sherman was intended for Pacific, it was in game files even before merge planning was a thing. That’s the reason why no StuH was prepared as counterpart.

There’s is no reason why they shouldn’t get those vehicles in future. But they’re simply not the priority atm. Germany will have the most bloated tech tree in game after merge. Japanese are exactly the the opposite. That’s the main reason why majority of upcoming stuff is for them.


Lol so not getting added with its counterpart = be ignored and excluded?

Lol totally different stuff. Soviet is missing an entire paratrooper class, Germany didn’t have the counterpart of sherman 105 didn’t have much impact.

I mean, I just made a suggestion for adding a tank to the game. There are like tens of them already, some of them being more or less counterpart to each other (Pz III N/ M8, Panther/Sherman 76/T34-85, Tiger II/IS-2). And your only reaction was “No Germany don’t need it”. Okay then why are the US getting the M4 105 if not to add a counterpart to new japanese tanks (even though US already have many tanks in the game already compared to Japanese)? And I am a western allies main, I am always happy when they get new toys.

I just think that the more diversity of vehicle we have in game, the better for every one.

This post is requesting a StuG, I just made a suggestion for a StuG-like that could have been added at the same time as its US/Japanese more or less equivalent, and why not a soviet SPG as well.

I just talked about the paratroopers as a metaphorical illustration of why I am not in favour f so called asymmetrical balance which is just a lazy excuse to not add stuff in the game even though there was several occasion to do so.

That guy on top already answer your question.

Lol, asking for counterpart for a tank is against diversity since you are requesting similar thing.
If you really want more diversity you should request very different stuff for each country.