Nerfing HE wasn't enough, you also had to add dirt to the scopes?

HE damage seems to be greatly reduced by AT and Tanks and since it wasn’t enough for you, you also had to make sighting through the scopes more difficult? what kind of stupid update is this again?


I mean, yes it does hinder your peripheral vision a little bit but it’s very minor. And when you are zoomed as gunner it’s basically nonexistent.


You may be talking about the ricochet mechanism.
But I don’t think blurred vision will affect combat

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I mean this. For some reason that only the devs can understand they decided to blur the scopes and reduce HE damage to be worst than a rifle.

I think it’s okay, just a little 3D dizziness, there’s no major problem with anything else.

Quickly cycle between commander sight and the gunner sight on specific tanks. The distortion combined with the zooming will turn that into a nausia inducing nightmare to look at.


And this

Maybe you should try recording a video
Because I’m not sure where you’re shooting and whether there are any enemies inside.

Im not affected by the scoped
I actually like the new ones way better
HE being nerfed
Eh kinda made me sad but they gotta discourage greyzone camping!
What really pisses me off
is the fact that the t28E is just an AT cannon on tracks
The armor can be penatrated by an HMG
i think that a way to fix this is adding a new BR2 ussr tank that has good AP and AT abilities
or just moving the t34 to BR2 and nerfing it a bit

can ya blame em?
Its war!
its supposed to make you vomit from time to time

its a game… not war


Why should “realism” be important for sights when it is so utterly unimportant for the whole of the rest of the game?


I wasn’t shooting or aiming something, I just screenshot it to see the blur of scope they introduced with their latest “update”.

Calm down lady. It isn’t as bad.

But they will probably go after planes as well. Seeing as that gets bitched about a lot. So tanks wont be the only ones. :man_shrugging:

I am composed, madam.
While you may perceive it as acceptable, it’s essential to acknowledge that multiple perspectives matter, not just yours.

Huh? Whatever floats your boat, old lady.

Long sentence of gibberish. Or maybe not a old lady but a little child. And I would stop too kiddo unless you want your topic to get locked because you want a back and forth lol.

Why would it be on planes? There’s a few with telescopic sights, but most have reflectors, so you have a collimated view for which “blurring” is irrelevant

Fixed. I missed that typo. And if they go after planes I do agree some aspects need to be nerfed, but not to any extremes.

I heard somewhere about adding the malfunctioning of delivering payloads when critically damaged or whatever. Thats a good place to start.

And it seems they didn’t only nerf HE, mines are not getting TANK kills now! WTF.
And they idiots even got an archievement for 100 tanks destroyed by mines…

when did they nerf HE?