Nerfing HE wasn't enough, you also had to add dirt to the scopes?

Oh, how charming! Nothing like a dash of ageism to brighten the day. Keep up the wit madam; it’s truly… something.

HE was never nerfed.

Besides that there was an update a few hours ago: Update - News - Enlisted

  • Improved optic effect: shifted the refraction point from the center closer to the edge of the sight and vignette, improved the refraction effect at the vignette border, and added chromatic aberration at the refraction point.

I guess you can say the ricochet mechanic was an indirect nerf.

Also I vaguely remember there as something with schrapnel effect but I may be confused.

It’s almost impressive how you managed to type all that without a single coherent thought. Maybe take a break and let the adults handle the conversation.

Huh? I didn’t think you knew what this meant. Good you starting to learn something.

Think you need to take a break from the game boi, you might start schizo posting…