[MOD] SOUNDS OF WAR - a comprehensive sound overhaul (beta release)

After a few weeks of work, I am satisfied releasing a W.I.P release of my sound overhaul to gather opinions and feedback. Around half of the weapons have been changed so far, pistols and anti-tank weapons have not been changed yet.

One thing that has always bothered me is that many weapons, such as the MG13, sound incredibly weak despite firing a full rifle cartridge. It was my objective to make weapons sound heavy and satisfying to use with real kick behind their audio. I will provide some examples to give a general idea of what to expect with this mod.


Unsure how to install sound mods? Watch Bigote’s tutorial here


Some weapons already sound great, such as the Mosin Nagant. I don’t think I have any sounds available that are better, so I chose to not replace it.

Some weapons, such as the MG42 and MAB38, are particularly difficult to replace sounds without noticeable clipping. As such, I left them alone.

To do list:
Add weapon handling sounds
Begin pistol sounds
Begin anti-tank weapon sounds
Finish remaining rifles, LMGs, and SMGs

Credits and attributions:
New World Interactive
Treyarch and Activision
Bohemia Interactive


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I removed annoying ear ringing from the game for user enjoyment. No, it is not a cheat, explosions will still mute your audio, but now it is peaceful instead of painful :slight_smile:

this is so satisfying hope u keep up the good works!

These sound pretty orgasmic ngl. I just think the STG and SVT-40 could use more echoey sound effects like the other guns you’ve displayed. I’m looking forward to the full release already.

I’ll see what I can do! The way gun echo works in Enlisted is that there is a gun shot sound, and a gun shot trail, or echo, sound that is played right after. I believe it is done like this so guns will echo in fields but not really echo inside of a wooden house. I don’t think the STG has trail sounds the last time I checked.

I’m currently quite ill with COVID19 so I won’t be making any progress on my mod right now. That’s why I decided to release it a little early. But I still do have ambitions to see it finished


I realized I didn’t showcase any of the bolt action rifles, so here’s a few examples


hope you get well mate waiting for this mod to complete

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I apologize for the lack of updates, I am alive and well. I am currently exhausted from Enlisted and taking a short break by playing Palworld, lol


Hope you’re resting well! Looking forward to the full release

Hello, I am uploading a small update. Hopefully I’ll get back to the swing of things and get more done

  • Fixed AS-44 sounds being silent when fired by other players (reverted to default sounds for now)
  • Added type 100 late smg
  • Added Tokyo arsenal SMG
  • Added Type 1 and Type 2 SMGs (all variants)
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I am experimenting with replacing the trail sound with the type 100/tokyo arsenal SMGs. I think it came out okay


is there a list of all the guns that have updated sounds in this version?

Yes, you can find a quick list under the download link for the update. It is possible I may miss a gun or two because I have modified dozens of them by now and its not easy to keep track.

is this okay with recent new update?

Yes. Sound mods will always work. The sounds are applied over top the default files, so even if they update the .bank files, the new sounds won’t be missing over an old .bank file

cheers it was good to meet you at same match. just telling u that ur work is amazing

Nice mod. Did you change the sten sound too?

dont think so, I still have a lot of work to do

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patch 2.5 is here, click here to download

BAR rifle and all of it’s relatives
Bren gun and all of it’s relatives
mondragon rifle
breda PG rifle
winchester 1912 shotgun
winchester lever action rifle

changed the kar98 rifle sounds, the kriegsmodell will use the sound from older versions if you prefer that

known issues:
sometimes, the m1903 springfield will shoot a silent shot, might end up reverting it to default sounds