Max Weapon Upgrades and Soldier Perks

I’m trying to test weapons at their max upgrade stat and read that you can use customProps to do this. However, I’m not noticing any difference. Am I missing something?

  transform:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [249.855, 5.10166, -224.971]]


Also I wanted to add perks to the soldier on the modseditor, I heard that you can use custom profiles to do it but I’m not sure where to start. Is there a way to edit the perks from scenes.blk?


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this is the guide where mostly tells you how to do stuff

as far as i’m aware, no.

it’s not possible.

only through profiles.


personally, i tweak parameters through entities.blk

but @Devenddar can aid you since he did alot of custom weapons in scene.blks through customprops

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You use wrong data types. You use text (t) instead real (r).
Also don’t forgot to change , to .

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You can, but it will work for all soldiers. For that need to create game_mode_units_modifier entity and then add perk properties that you can find in soldier entities (for example entity_mods__speedMult).
If you need to edit only certain playable soldiers then yeah… You will need to create custom profile.


you learn something useful every day uh :wink:

bruh :person_facepalming:

Thanks I got it to work, I think I found out how gun__shotFreq work. So you get the base number then calculate it for the initialComponents.
gun_spread__maxDeltaAngle should probably work the same

But I still don’t know how to adjust the recoil. I wanted to reduce the Horizontal and Vertical recoil by -10% but adjusting gun__recoilAmount in initialComponents just overrides the recoil.

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Usually these stats changes after upgrades.

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Hi, is there a beginner’s guide for entities.blk? I’d like to try that out too. :smiley:

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I see. I think I figured out how to get most of those stats to simulate a fully upgraded weapon.
So for example the Silenced Erma EMP:

Since its an SMG it will get:

So you just need calculate the base numbers from the item

Then put it in initialComponents (MaxDeltaAngle and ReloadTime should be the same as in Euthy’s stats)

  transform:m=[[0.319714, -0.00141148, -0.947513] [0.945444, -0.0655992, 0.319113] [-0.0626065, -0.997845, -0.0196385] [-824.67, 17.8373, 101.999]]

I couldn’t find gun__recoilAmount in the details. So in Euthy’s sheet, the Silenced Erma EMP has 5 actual Horizontal and Vertical Recoil. Does anyone know how to translate that to gun__recoilAmount?

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as of yet,

there isn’t one.

it’s just mostly unpacking or trying to view default templates, and then modify them by adding / removing codes.

you can, howver translate and get a feeling of entities from this thread:

you’ll need a translator.

or, ask if devs or someone else could make guides about it.

because i only use entities for like… cosmetics and changing basic values.

so i’m not that expert about it.


Ah. Got it. Well… Pickup it and then use Find Entity tool and find weapon. After that you will got stats.

There some basic guide. If you a bit know how to work with scene then it probably won’t very difficult to understand.

UPD: Forgot to write that _extends changed to _use.

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So what the hell is the type “real”
(I thought it was “round”)
I can understand the concepts of “text”, “array” and “object”, but I don’t understand “real”.

real = float

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or you could have just quoted here

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Thanks, I found it. Took me a while to figure out that you need to switch to Developer mode to be able to find the entity.

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So it’s a “half float”, got it.

it depends. somewhere it is basically just equivalent of float (e.g. transact sql or MS sql server) or double (e.g. mysql), in others it could be any representation of any real number (e.g. float or double or decimal)