[MAP] REQUEST for New Terraformer and IMPORTING of Custom Maps

I’m wondering when/if there are plans for the addition of a better terraforming tool? Not being able to make our own maps from scratch, create rivers/oceans, and terrain types (i.e. burnt ground, sand, grass, etc), is SEVERLY limiting our ability to make really cool custom maps that could potentially become official worthy.

If us creators could get an update where we could import our own map meshes and have control over variables I have listed above, we could make AMAZING maps happen for this game.

Myself and a few other creators have made entirely fleshed out maps that original and truly spectacular in the sheer amount of investment and creativity in them. If the developers would consider adding this tool, I think we could see some truly amazing maps that could be good enough to be added to the base game!

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Being able to import custom models would be amazing as well (like being able to make our own bunker types), but this would be a bonus. Most importantly, I can tell that the base game maps are definitely created used with tools currently not available in the mod editor, so I just hope we can get this kind of creativity some day.

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Well if you look at the latest pacific map, most of the cave is modeled and not actually using the “cave parts” that were uploaded. The mountains and reef systems are like this as well, not to mention the land had to be hollowed out to even allow caves (which we also don’t have). So I’m definitely certain that there is a better mod editor game engine version that hopefully some day we’ll get access to.