Making Enlisted a Better Place №51

Each issue of our weekly series focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, in which we correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.


We think you have more than once wondered “How did I get shot?” when you were behind cover and didn’t even see the enemy.

The most observant of you may have noticed that the camera was actually “attached” to your soldier’s neck. We have adjusted this and improved its positioning! Now your soldier will not be prevented from looking directly into the eyes of the enemy and assessing the situation in battle correctly.


The terraforming mechanics using shovels in Enlisted gets another improvement based on your feedback! It was too difficult for engineers to place their structures in the dug foxholes because the terrain was too uneven.

Now it’s much easier to place engineering structures, especially rally points, in a dug pit. We hope that Engineers will appreciate this improvement!


  • Consoles: Fixed a bug where the shortcut hints on the squad selection screen would not fit properly when the “Safe area” setting was set to 90%.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the 10-second respawn timer to restart for the player if all vehicle slots become occupied.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


Good things.

But I need to ask.


Now shovels make sence to own and use for me.


Where are you getting these screenshots from because it doesn’t look like this in game ?


That is a very good change, especially for CQC maps.


The screenshot was taken in the replay.


So is that special effects or is that a very rare thing happening where the weather actually is making it hard to see and low visibility ?

In replays you can change some effects and time (weather, light, etc)


Did I do something wrong?


Well that’s unfortunate I would like it if we had more battles with more environmental effects instead of fighting in a bright sunny battlefield.


Same I’m on Ps5 and I can’t deploy rally either hmm, was it fixed on PC and console?

Keep up good work, please consider Big Action mod as main gameplay mode or give capped XP :wink::guardsman:

Adam is either writing an essay or he got a stroke while typing.


Very cool! Happy to see this.

I have noticed there’s visual bug with Springfield rifle with grenade launcher.
Once the supply of grenades is depleted, the soldier automatically removes the launcher from rifle - classic. But if you try to attach the GL again without a supply of grenades, during the animation it looks like he’s attaching launcher with ready to go grenade, not only empty laucher.
It confused me few times, thinking I was able to use GL while I wasn’t.

So either block option to attach GL when not having any spare grenades for it. Or make animation only with empty launcher without any grenade.
I don’t know if that’s case for other rifles with GL, I haven’t tried them yet.

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Well, it got better, in practice (it’s creating on your PC not on server, so there is a bit different rules applying to it) should be better in usual battles.

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Filters, you can see obvious vignette at first glance. So there’s probably more of them.

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@110279209 you did it bro


Is from the berlin map with the bridge, it look different because they added post processing in the image with the replay


Have to ask because I can’t play right now:

Are soldiers’ animations when ADS aligned with the new camera position, or are all guns still aiming at neck level?


After today’s update, you will need to dig at least 55~66 flat-bottomed foxholes in order to build a resurrection point. On the surface of the soil, you will need to dig about 8*8 or more.
In low-precision dynamic terrain mode, performing this action slightly improves the chances that the bottom of the dug pit can be used to successfully build a spawn pool.
However, in many cases, even if the bottom of the pit is visually flat and the space is wide enough, the spawning pool may not be allowed to be built, or the buildable area of the spawning pool may be very small (and will turn red at the slightest wiggle).
Such pits will still need to be sandbagged for protection.
Resurrection sites may be easier to build in craters caused by 200 kg ~ 1000 lb aerial bombs (may need to be adjusted with a shovel)
this test is PC

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I don’t read anything with more than 4 lines