Making Enlisted a Better Place №45

Each issue of our weekly series focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, in which we correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.


In one of our previous “Making Enlisted a Better Place” updates, we told you about the improvements of tank optics. However, there were a few minor problems with certain vehicles.

We corrected the optics and fixed the related errors on the T-34-85E, BT-7, BM-8-24 and Pz. II F. Nothing will stop you from hitting your targets with shells and rockets anymore!


If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a weapon near a built ammo crate or other fortification, you’ve been familiar with this problem: instead of picking up the weapon, you started destroying the structure.

Fixed! Now picking up weapons becomes easier and more convenient near built fortifications.


  • Fixed a bug in the “Battle for Stalingrad” campaign where a player was prompted to collect the reward for the next level that he had not yet reached.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when loading server replays.
  • Fixed a bug in one of the missions on the Beloe Lake map in the Battle of Moscow campaign where the AI soldiers of the attackers could get stuck at the respawn inside the house.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


Allows players to gain limited grinding experience and complete daily missions in some appropriate custom mods


Mods spotlight could be for mods selected to have those benefits


We’re still missing bipods and AA guns I don’t even know what’s happening to them anymore and windows are still cursed


Finally the AI won’t get stuck.

We need longer cap times btw


Can you improve the optimization of the game? I think there is a problem with loading textures that requires fast SSD’s, because even in geforcenow some friends have freezes when moving.

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We always improve game optimization and even planning to share news with you about it in some close future.


Can be easily misused

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One is soon 4 sure.


didn´t let me post just SOON™, so have a meme too.


Texture loading gives problems in geforce now, when the machines are much better than the requirements.

It would also be nice if the auto-adjustment of graphic settings works better.

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Please fix the audio bug of the soldiers. If I press X more than one, the voice line of my soldier suddenly cuts and goes quiet.

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Just in case: If you can explain it better or a create report on CBR with all info you can: // Issues

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I’m not sure that this is a bug, I think it’s more an improvement.

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Only 1 location on 1 map was fixed in the 1 issue report, but there are many more locations on many more maps with an unresolved number of bugs. It looks like fixing all the issues of the same type will require the completion of report #100 or even more!

Fixing 1 bug = 2 issues of a report is important.
So, in the future, will it can be to have a 3-issue report (3 to 6 weeks = 21 to 42 days) on how to fix just one bug?or more,Or even The number of reports of just this one bug fix that outweigh the number of reports of a major update?

Once again, I’ve wasted my life choosing to trust the devs, and just after the update, the video replay shows that the kills are still out of sync with the sound, the tracer rounds disappear, and the AA shots are out of sync (the enemy planes that are actually shooting are to the east, but the video shows that they’re very laggy, with the AAs facing west, and the tracer rounds flying to the east)
After updating to the latest version 47, the floating Iron Fist (which switches to the primary weapon after the Iron Fist is fired) is still present in the video replay.


That’s great and all, but I’ve run into a lot of players, both new and old, that are having/causing another issue:

When they give a squad order near structures, they THINK its to make their AI make use of that structure.

INSTEAD, the AI are breaking down friendly ammo boxes (which like rally points there is absolutely NO reason they should be breaking those down), and Sandbag walls (Their INTENTIONS were to have their AI take cover behind it, not break it down!)

Can we get separate squad order buttons for “use structure” and “destroy structure”? That way it prevents teammates breaking down fortifications by accident, as well as allowing them to order their AI to resupply ammo (if they are missing any) or take cover behind sandbags in certain areas.

This would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

@James_Grove would you be able to tell me if the commands for AI to refill from an ammo box already exist? I’ve heard some people say its a thing and others say that its not. So idk if it already exists and there is just a command hierarchy issue or what?


Doesn’t exist, so your idea is interesting, forwarded!