Making Enlisted a Better Place №44

Each issue of our weekly series focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, in which we correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.

Although we’re mostly preparing for the upcoming major update, we also keep working on your favorite series as well. This time we’ve fixed a number of bugs, improved the interface and the AI’s behavior.


We are constantly improving the AI and fixing non-obvious problems with their behavior. For example, AI soldiers could get stuck at a rally point if it was built too close to a doorway.

The navigation of the soldiers has been adjusted. Thanks to Reddit user Global_Excuse_7736 for this important report!


Since the sixth season of Battle Pass (currently the tenth season is underway), gold order soldiers always have the maximum characteristics for their class. But while purchasing them, the preview still showed a spread of perk points as if they were like regular soldiers.

We’ve corrected this and from now on the numbers will not confuse anyone!


  • Fixed a bug that could cause experienced players to get into battles meant for newcomers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the soldier to shout the order to get into the vehicle while getting out of the tank alone.
  • Added horizontal text scrolling option to the settings of the Control menu.
  • Redesigned the camera zoom system for the commander sticking out of the hatch. Now the commander’s zoom will not be lost if the gunner’s seat is empty.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the booster icon not to be displayed in the reward window.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


So that’s why I sometimes had completely full bot matches.


Imagine playing Berlin Allies River Crossing at lvl 1 and a tryhard in Tiger II shows up.


I wouldn’t be happy if it was me :frowning:

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:face_exhaling: :face_with_peeking_eye:


I think this can be still possible. I think it fixed only particular scenario. Cuz if you’re completely new player, your ±2 matches are just completely bot filled with not a single real player. Once you play few battles, you get completely normal MM as everyone else.

But that’s my guess. I don’t think MM reflects campaign level at all.


yeah, very glad they fixed that bug.

great! AI pathfinding improvements are always welcome.

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Nope. That’s bug match will not match with any humans. Just pure PVE.

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Feels like wrong word.
Thought at first we get jams for guns back.


Fixes are always welcome, but please, give us also actual devblogs about the upcoming major update and/or the merge.


When are you going to fix the issue of not being able to re-arming and repairing guns buitl by the engineer

Is that legit bug? Didn’t you just run out of resources? Cuz this is first time I hear about something like that.

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The ladders in Pacific don’t work at all on the pontoon, I already put it on CBR, happy to share link.

As for AI, why is it some maps on Moscow AI squad will follow me through open window into house, but other times, they run around the front and not follow me and die… is it the height of the windows on Moscow maps?


Yeah it is, ive tried switching to another engineer and all it does instead of repairing or re-arming the gun it just demolishes it instead

According to this, control scheme for consoles has changed few updates ago. It could be your problem as well.

It could be ima just have to keep trying to remap the keys until it works

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Wow, I never realized there are matches existed for newcomers. Hopefully, I get more competent teams from now on.

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About the ladder on pacific is known -(as you already saw on the report,)

If you have some footage about Moscow maps AI not working, or with issues on pathfind feel free to do a report on Cbr so we can deal with it. Don’t forget prints or videos! They are very important for us to deal with this issues.

Thank you widow.


As i can see, there are premium squad helmets combined with regular free uniforms. Why cant we put premium squad uniforms (if we bought them the squad of course) on free soldiers too?


Will this have also fixed AI getting stuck in water? I had a game earlier today where after my first man died, I discovered my entire AI squad stuck in the water about 150m behind, under one of the piers on pacific.