Making Enlisted a Better Place №41

skill single-action issue

You are very sus.

I figured, I mostly meant as equivalent speed, but they didn’t really redo the entire animation. Just sped it.

It’s a good compromise, now the Nagant is usable, which I’m glad. Kinda like this strange revolver (Red Orchestra veteran)… But didn’t really use it in game because… well it was the worst pistol of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Please for the love of revert and bring back the UI main menu split To Battle and Squad tabs. It was wayyy better! much cleaner, quests only on To Battle, not cluttered on the Squad management tab, which made it more clean and better view of squad. It was better in all ways.
It was better in all aspects, why on earth that was rolled back I don’t get, it was only better with split tabs. Just get it back


Already exists, you can use the Battle Pass button that was added to the drop-down list in the upper right corner menu to collect your tasks manually


I also thought it was much better before. they update the game and then roll back. why don’t they just get a backup of the 2022 since anyway they always cancel the updates in the ui and never keep the changes???

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Well… It shouldn’t be single action because it soviet-produced…


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Please euthymia send the feedback to the devs that we want BP at half price. I will not pay the gold you ask for a horrible bp

It was possible to see older single action models remnants, thought.

Afterall… There’s Fedorov.

~800 units of Fedorovs were stored, according to the documents (Presence of Suomi in the list means that’s not earlier than 1940), but none of “empire’s” nagants adopted IIRC

I’ll thanslate the document later

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When did dates matter really?

Never in the enlisted universe…

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800 units? That’s quite big number. I cannot imagine some russian guy wasn’t lazy and properly counted them all. He probably just made up some random number and then went out for vodka.

Because that’s how modern Russian army works afterall.

But still the japanese ammo isn’t limitless…

Well thanks for the tip, i still hope it can be made better in battlepass button

Could we be able to select how AI enters/move around in a tank during a match? When you accidentally leave the gunner positions, a random AI would takeover and the whole order is messed up inside the tank . This would help with getting the right crew member with the specific perk of their role to do the right job. Otherwise my crew member with driver perks is gonna swap to loader. Making the crew less efficient. Even when I try to get in and out the tank. They don’t get back into the right position. Maybe for tanks it could be possible for them to enter how they were arranged in the menu and for it to be also possible during battle? This seriously would improve the QOL for the chad tankers out there. If you still don’t understand, feel free to further ask questions.


They buffed the already OP Nagant revolver… its power is now unchecked, when will we see its wave motion cannon feature accurately portrayed.

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one question, I make try make presets for different squad setups, but it keeps disappearing. not all, just latest one. This known bug or something? anyway annoying as hell