Make weapons, vehicles and equipment shared between squad presets

Yes, that means reworking the “this weapon is assigned to this soldier” mechanic, I’m sorry Darkflow.


Let’s say I want to have three different squad presets for my Germany: BR2, BR3 and BR5.
I have 4 infantry squads in each preset with 5 soldiers in each squad.
I have exactly 20 medpacks, grenades and mines to equip each one of those 20 soldiers.

At any given time I can only field 20 soldiers to battle, so I only need 20 of each item.

In the current system I need buy 20x3=60 of each item, even though 40 is always unused? No, thanks.
Or I need to strip all my 20 soldiers of BR2 squads of each item and equip all of it to my BR5 squads every time I decide to play a different BR? No, thanks.

If I need 1 sniper with Kar98 sniper in each of my 3 squad presets, I also only need just 1 Kar98 sniper rifle, not 3.

Please add “arsenal” or “warehouse” where all your faction’s gear is displayed and can be linked (not given permanently) to various soldiers.