M26 Pershing - How good was its gun?

This good…

Source: Armor-Piercing Ammunition for Gun, 90-mm, M3, Office of the Chief of Ordnance, Washington, D.C., 1945.

Once my bug report which has been recently acknowledged regards to gaijins incorrect method of calculating non capped AP shell penetration gets implemented, it will be able to do exactly that to the Panther.

On the other hand, the M82 APCBC was completely unable to penetrate the Panther Upper Glacis. Why not?

This is the M82 APCBC penetrator marked by me in Blue

The Penetrator is 2.413 calibers in length which is 2.413 x 90mm shell diameter, so 217.17mm. It also has huge HE filler cavity further reducing the penetrator size


This is the T33 APBC penetrator marked by me in Blue

The Penetrator is 2.780 calibers in length which is 2.780 x 90mm shell diameter, so 250.2mm. Has no HE filler cavity so the penetrator is at its full size


The Bug Report

Because gaijin calculates non capped AP rounds such as T33 AP(BC) incorrectly… the T33 APBC round currently is inferior to the M82 APCBC in terms of penetration in every single aspect and it currently is unable to penetrate Panther upper plate even at point blank range.

It also makes tanks like Chi-Nu suffer because it takes away its ability to penetrate the hull armour of the Sherman because its non capped AP is also incorrectly calculated. This is also why I have been making the “How good was its gun” series of posts to give players deeper understanding on realistic performance of certain Tank Guns.


You’re doing the Lord’s work.

I went to the practice range and was happy with performance. The King Tiger will still be king but she has the IS2 and Pershing to FeaR now

So when the M26 comes we still wont be able to pen. panthers and tigers any better ? :confused:

It is able to pen those tanks. I tried it on test server.


If you shoot the flat turret yes
But I mean through the hull glacis

You can shoot trough MG port. Both Panthers and Tigers 2, I tried.

And obviously, Heavy BR5 tank as Tiger 2 shouldn’t have weak hull armor. That’s kinda point of heavy tanks.

I’m on about Panther upper plate not Tiger IIs

Horrible tank…I still prefer the Jumbo atleast it can take hits. Its still a 1-hit from all the other tanks, the 90mm gun I dont see much upside of it. I feel they are re-furbishing/copying same old stuff and putting new names, textures and models. It seems to be a thing today with PC games…slapping different cosmetics on basically the exact same thing

Many 1 shot deaths in M26, and Im not talking tanks. Japanese anti tank rockets can take you out frontally with one shot. M26 is a waste of time in Pacific.