Low tier (1-2) japan is unplayable

Japan at T2 and T1 just can’t fight allied tanks nor planes of equal B.R

Spitfires, P-38G, SBD-3 vs M6A2, M5A2, D3A1
Let alone due to low protection Japanese tanks aren’t able to stop american cas rounds, Allowing america planes to dominate hard over the Japanese ground forces.

T3 america is basically just a free win if you get the pacific due to the Japanese have NO real counter to them.


Aside from Grant’s presence in the Pacific, Japan being overrun by the overwhelming firepower of the U.S. and Britain is very much true to history.
Enjoy the ultimate realistic battlefield mode.


japan does have counters to these tier american tanks, it’s the ho-ni 1 and the type 5 TUUUUUUBE, hell the tube is literally just a bazooka that can go through 100mm of armor instead of 60 as is the case with the m1 bazooka. Now for A2A it’s weird since it’s mostly comes down to who sees whom first though the 250 kilo navy bomb which i believe is the strongest of the 250 kilo/500 pounders.

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well even then they can still fight back quite well in these br ranges

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My grunt was blown away by ho-ni in a match exactly a few hours ago.

Personally I fully like Japan. Yes they may not be that strong but for me it’s just like the real war. 99% of my soldiers all use bolt actions. I just have fun in general even if we ultimately lose, at least you had fun in the struggle

I personally think Japan and the Pacific is fine, mostly

My only issue is the British there. Yes obviously Britain did also participate in the Pacific war but it wasn’t shoulder to shoulder with America. Both sides pretty much did their own thing. I don’t want to see Brits storming the beaches of Iwo Jima one day.

Hopefully they make Britain an independent faction


Thats not really the case, irl the British squads were more or less equipped just like the Japanese squads, Bolt action Rifles, Early US Marines also had Bolt action rifles, and the Japanese had an advantage with their 50 mm mortars being more abundant and more in line with rapid fire support. As far as MG’s Japanese had real LMG’s for support weapons like the British did a BAR is not a real LMG.

IRL, US smg’s were actually very rare in rifle company’s.

IMO the Grant was a Bad call, the British did use them in Burma against the Japanese, but that was in 44, it should be in the Pacific till tere 3 or 4 imo.

The Japanese tanks are just week…

And ya the P 38 is over kill at tier 2, and its air start just exacerbates the situation.

Sea Fires did see action in the Pacific but in 44/45

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Now that we have thrown historical accuracy of the window. Japan should be balanced against the western allies. Fighting against br 3 allies are possible with what Japan has in br 1 and 2. It’s the allied br 4 which has an unfair advantage through and through.

Japan shoudln’t have any gear beyond BR 3 honestly. All of their BR 4 equipment are no better than US’s BR 3 weapons… except maybe their top SMG and flamethrowers.


Actually I forgot to add allied before the br 4. It’s the allied br 4 which has an unfair advantage. Everything Japan has belongs up to br 3. I am a Japan main after all. It’s a misery to fight against grey zone Jumbo’s and fireflies.


Why arent you using AT weapons?

Only CAS is useful against a grey zone jumbo and firefly. But funny enough I don’t use vehicles let alone planes. I tried running to those tanks but died every time to HE shells. Couldn’t even flank got mowed down before I reached a position.

Don’t have anything other then the Type 96 unlocked and it can’t do anything vs the Lee from the front, Takes forever to kill one.

I’m trying to unlock them now.

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Type 98 320 mm mortar - Wikipedia

Darkflow has the choice, but they willingly let it happen. Just add in the funny mortar, and American Jazz stops.

Pretty much sure operating those mortars would be a nightmare accuracy wise.

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50 rounds smgs, 100mm pene rocket launcher, paras, very good BAs…

Definitely unplayable :slight_smile: we didn’t have to even build rally points that much.


Nah it was accurate since you are basically playing extreme horseshoes. Check the explosive power :eyes:

Chi-ha Kai is BR2 that’s pretty cool need to make new lineup instead suffering through BR4


If you have premium account and all 10 slots then yeah I guess I can be done. But try playing with a f2p account with 3 squad and show me how it’s done.

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Equivalent to a Sturm tiger.