Losing constantly

Is it only me or whenever I play axis I always seem to lose most of the games I play. I have almost 100 battles in and 30 hours into the game and I think I’m not that bad of player either with like 90% of the games being in the top of the leaderboard.

I know all the basics of winning the game, all the strongest squads etc. And I keep building the rally points and trying to carry out the team just to lose most the games anyways…

Currently playing as BR2. Also I keep wondering is it the same in the higher tiers?:((

Thanks guys


Basically everybody that played this game, Well a sizable portion it seems has already grinded Germany, so everybody jumped over to the US and Soviets, new players get slaughtered by vets and jump ship into the arms of the US or Soviets. This APC stuff might bring back some German mains in about 20 days when that APC drops. We shall see. Its funny, bc about a month ago Germany was curb stomping every nation when everyone was trying to grind both Tiger II’s pre merge.


Trend phenomenon well explained.

The op won’t be happy when Pershings get released, eheheh…


Just sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for that beast. I have a feeling Germany will get some unannounced love as a result of the playerbase abandoning her. I mean i have everything for Germany, Both TIger II’s in separate squads, STG’s. MP43’s, maxed and spaded FG 42s on all my rifleman. Playing now is just nostalgia and fun at this point. The latter being less so lately. Poor poor Germany, how you have fallen. Good farming for my Soviet grind i must say. :person_shrugging:

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BR2 is terrible, but BR5 is no different.
We no longer see the Tiger 2 (H) that we once saw on the enemy side…

I am a cynical person and I am playing mainly in Germany right now.
I have to build rallies, crush tanks, push up the front lines, defend and attack at the same time, gain air superiority with flak and fighters…all kinds of things one person has to do.


They can be in 2 squads??

I didn’t even know, I always felt one was more than enough (If I’m defeated using something, I always switch tactics and use something different next spawn.)

Pershings are more than deserved.

But I get what you mean. Sovs received a bunch of protos a bit better than axis counterparts, in part probably because it was less popular.

Now than the rest will shift to usa…

Eh! Parrot might see his bigger belt mg42 or something!

Indeed my good sir. I grinded my butt off for both lol. It was stressful in the Normandy Axis days if you can remember. Victories were hard fought. Berlin was a fun roller. I learned a lot about the game in my Berlin days being less stressful and sweaty lol.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Axis suffering the brain drain right now. So, better to play another faction until those with brains come back to it.

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the german playerbase became horribly bad over the last month, i recommend playing in 2-3 player stacks to ensure you have a chance to win, especially since many enemies also come in stacks


Do you lose when you play other sides?

This squad comes with the Panther A so if you only grinded Berlin, you can still have 2 Tiger IIs regardless.

Came here to bump this. My experience for the last month as BR2 Germany has been mostly losses. BUT, that’s against the Soviets. Against the Allies it seems fairly balanced, between tanks, small arms and planes, neither side seems to dominate too harshly unless one side is stacked with Vets. However, literally 90% of my games against the Soviets have been terrible defeats, often with their top 5 players beating the top 1st or 2nd place member on the German side. All too often I’m seeing Soviets with 100+ kills, whereas the Germans are struggling to get past 20. I’m watching German panzers get slaughtered by Russian tanks (T-70 and T-50 seem to have little issue fighting anything smaller than a P4J, for example, and it seems panzers have issues bouncing rounds or getting 1-hit without being able to pen in return). The small arms struggle is very real as well, watching singular players armed with the PPS-43 mow down entire squads or clear out streets. See a german engineer set up an AT gun or MG nest? Within the minute you’ll see a Soviet paradrop clear that out, and AP mine anything left behind, including rallies and APCs. Germans have nearly no counter to that, nor their own paratroopers at low BRs.

It is getting bad. When German players drop into a match against the Soviets I routinely see 3 players drop nearly as soon as the match starts and it begins a drop-out wave and a quick defeat soon after. This is killing low BR games. I’m constantly placed in the top 2 on my team, and it’s not because I’m good. New players aren’t dropping rally points, flanking tanks or communicating with their teams and are instead either leaving the faction or leaving the game entirely. This is gutting the German faction and as it keeps up this game will lose the playerbase. It’ll actually get worse when we get a Steam version as the new Steam players will flee to an “Easier” faction, such as the Soviets, or the Allies when they see the (as yet to be released Pershing) new Allies Meta at endgame. Yes, sure, the Germans have great gear at BR5, but that doesn’t help those playing in matches under BR3.

If Darkflow intends to keep players they really need to balance this stuff out. Add event items to the Tech Tree or make some Premium if they want to keep them relatively rare. Move some guns around on the Tech Tree some more, balance the tanks on the tech tree, and realize that BR5 doesn’t matter if the new players quit at BR3 because the game is too grindy and the wins are too few and the squad AI are just children they need to babysit.


Yea, the top normandy tank squad can use tiger II Ps iirc.

Soviet mains sure love bullying the new players.

I would narrow down the reasons of German losses to Soviet veterans stacking low BR and bad maps.
Low BR German paratroopers would sure help lure some veterans to BR2, but overall its a playerbase issue. Balance is shifting, 2 weeks ago Germany won more low BR matches than USSR.
In a few weeks, balance may change again.


All defeats in the last couple days, and that’s just the games that I took a pic of for my buddies to see how bad it is getting in low BR matches. I’m not sure these pics will post correctly, and I’m sorry if I break any forums rules with the names. But as you all can see on one side the teams seem to get roughly the higher scores, whilst the other side is having issues just RETAINING players. The worst matches seem to be Soviets vs Germans, but I rarely see these kinds of stomps on the opposing end.


I never expected the team balance to deteriorate because of the merge.
Before the merge, at least some Carry was possible, but now it has become difficult.


Before the merge there were less players overall thus a good player had a greater impact.

Also on what server and around what hour are you playing @Zerocyber?
It’s not a new phenomenon that a faction is very overpowered on one server but does poorly on another.

North America Server, and practically any time of the day (day or night, any day of the week).

As for the “before the merge” that barely matters. At BR 1-2-3 the Vets aren’t bringing Panthers, Tigers and IS-2s to the field to sweep away the newbies with bolt action rifles like pre-merge, they are limited to weapons of those BR tiers. This only means that Vets know the game mechanics better, know the maps better, and tend to change the flow of the match (such as with Rally Points, landmines, or flanking with a tank). However, the near lack of Vets or ‘Sweaty’ players on lower tier Germans is causing the newbies to get absolutely crushed by the Vets of the Allies and Soviets. The larger tech tree for the Germans means the new players are having to grind more to get equal tier equipment, but then have to spend their limited silver to purchase and upgrade equipment that objectively costs MORE. (Compare: PPS-43 at BR2, 2-star, needs three prior guns to unlock; versus the MP-40 at 3-stars, so a much higher cost to buy and upgrade, that needs 9 prior guns unlocked, and then isn’t even an effective side-grade to the PPS-42! Much less the '43).

The Tech Tree bloat, plus the lack of incoming silver, the Vets on the opposing sides and the poor balance at lower Battle Ratings are causing people to leave, which is making things worse. Worse matchmaking, worse matches, and this shouldn’t be ignored. “Wait until the Veterans return to the German side” isn’t an effective argument from anyone on this forum either, and I doubt anyone can rationally logic out that math anyway.

We need more guns foldered under each other, and Darkflow needs to bring Event-Only rewards out as either premium-grade content, or at least push those events back out, and that would only help in the short term. The “brain-drain” other have mentioned would also be blunted if the dang Squad AI were worked on and made more aware of their surroundings (such as taking cover, returning fire, suppressing fire, etc).


That’s the main reason.

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While German playerbase is indeed an issue right now, the ape meta of 9 man squads with 3 impact each is equally a problem

Especially against the Soviets who don’t have them.