Japanese unique gold order / premium weapon suggestion

Some amazing work you did here!

I do see a lot of those possibly becoming gold weapons, very interesting stuff.


I got wet while reading :heart_eyes:

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It would have been nice if they had picked one of these instead of a 10rd Hei rifle. We needed that 10rd version to be a campaign unlock…but instead we get one and one only to use.


Some of those gonna be in the grind, if dev want add good thing to US in the future jap need all their prototype

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Did the Type Hei rifle come in a carbine variant?
I wonder because I’ve seen some suggestions for implementing weapon upgrades such as different magazine sizes and so on. And if something like this was to be implemented, the gold order Type Hei would have to be changed to a carbine or something like that to stay unique.

I guess it is short carbine variant, but I’m not sure…

I don’t think I worded it clearly enough:)
I meant if there were multiple variants of the gun, like rifle and carbine, or if it was designed just in one version.

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Ops, sorry… My score of English test was always bad so I misunderstood.

Yes, Hei had both short and long variants. Not only Hei but also all Experimental automatic rifles (Ko/Otsu/Hei) have long and short variants. Specifications were below.


- Ko long Ko short
Length 1160mm 1060mm
Barrel length 673mm 573mm
Gun weight 4250g ?
Magazine weight N/A
Total number of parts 117


- Otsu long Otsu short
Length 1180mm 1080mm
Barrel length 650mm 550mm
Gun weight 4255g 4030g
Magazine weight 10rds: 190g
5rds: 145g
Total number of parts 88


- Hei long Hei short
Length 1160mm 1060mm
Barrel length 690mm 590mm
Gun weight 4147g 3785g
Magazine weight 10rds: 226g
5rds: 126g
Total number of parts 98
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we need the bow :crazy_face:

May I ask you what your sources are for some of the guns? In particular the
-Type 11 with box magazine
-Type 11 prototype 試製無筒式軽機関銃
-Experimental Mark Ko 試製甲号軽量機関銃
-Experimental Mk.B 試製B号軽機関銃
I’m researching Japanese small arms and I’ve never seen the images you posted for those 4.

Also the Type 99 rifle with Type 99 LMG magazine is a Type 38 with Type 96 magazine I’m pretty sure. There’s a colorized picture of one and its described as Type 38 with 96 magazine.

Something to be noted about the “Tokyo Arsenal Model 1927” is the “drum mag” being fed by 5 hotchkiss style strips holding 10 8x22 rounds each, if you look up the other image of the gun you can clearly see the feed strips, so the drum isn’t a drum in the traditional sense but more a container for the feed strips.

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They came from book written by Sayama Jiro (佐山二郎), a very famous Japanese researcher about Japanese firearms.

ISBN: 978-4769822844

Also, I made typo. 試製無筒式軽機関銃 (Experimental No-Barrel Jacket Light Machine Gun, you called “Type 11 prototype”) that I titled is 試製有筒式軽機関銃 (Experimental With-Barrel Jacket Light Machine Gun)

perhaps other photos will be interesting for you


Experimental No-Barrel Jacket Light Machine Gun / 試製無筒式軽機関銃
Design closer to 11th Year Type LMG, but it still used feed strip.

In addition there are lots of photos of drawings of rifles, handguns and machine guns probably came from IJA’s development reports.

Very interesting! It reminds me Type 89 Swivel machine gun…
Although, in the game it will works as other gun’s magazines.


Oh Sayama’s book, I see, sadly I can’t read Japanese but I’ve heard about it from a friend.

I’ve seen the Experimental No-Barrel Jacket Light Machine Gun before, there’s also drawings of the Experimental With-Barrel Jacket Light Machine Gun I’ve seen before:
but not the real world image you posted, very interesting!

Also I mistyped in my previous message, the Type 38 with Type 96 LMG magazine image isn’t colorized but a colored image:

It also depicts the self loading rifle by Hino(1).


Im impressed with your well researched suggestions and i hope devs take notice hopefully some of this stuff is added and makes Japan playable, but im most intrested in the experimental automatic pistol not only does it look great i really think it could off set the slow Japanese smgs we have now and the muratas Would be very intresting as a gold order

Do you acknowledge it devs?

I just want whatever the second from the right is here
Smoke grenade I think

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Is it a hand-slowing smoke ample/手投煙瓶? Surely it is closer to other countries’ smoke hand grenade than in-game smoke candle so if possible I hope they replace to it, but I doubt they do so.

i hope anything suggested here would end up in upcoming battlepass golden weapons


It would be really cool if this gun would feed continously while it was monted but would only fire 30 rounds at a time if your were firing from the shoulder or hip.

That is gonna be hard for them to coded

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