Japanese shotguns

Were there any shotguns made or used by Japanese I think that’d be fun to use against the u.s even if it’s break action


I don’t know if it was adopted for military use, the Japanese imported and used American-made shotguns for hunting and sporting purposes. I’ve seen Browning Auto 5 and Winchester lever-action shotguns in old Japanese photos.
Other examples are old military bolt-actions that were given away by the military and converted into shotguns and sold to the civilian market.

Type murata shotgun.


Adding a bolt action shotty would be cool


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These shotguns were only civilian shotguns for hunting, but they may have been deployed in the Battle of Okinawa, as Japan commandeered combatants and weapons from civilians in the later stages of the war.



This and the Walther Automatic Shotgun are two I hope to see added to the game.


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Did the Murata use slugs or buckshot?

I’d guess they’d be able to use both

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Maybe. The Japanese were rifle fiends after all.

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I don’t know. However, the Murata Shotgun was compatible with 12 gauge, so I would guess that a full range of shotshells that existed at the time could be used.
There are several types of Murata Shotguns, some converted from obsolete military rifles and some manufactured as shotguns from the beginning.
The ones converted from military rifles were relatively small caliber as they were only compatible with 28~38 gauge. The photo I have posted is of a version converted from a military rifle. The modified version of the Murata was so well received that a new 12-gauge compatible version was manufactured.

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According to Japanese Navy’s document, they get 50,000 shotguns from donation of hunters association.
As you know Japanese loves bayonets, so some of them were modified to be able to attach it.

It will contain Murata hunting rifles (村田式猟銃), a shotguns with Murata style chamber. It contains both modified retired military rifles and licensed civilian-made shotguns. (Lots of people misunderstand all Murata hunting rifle was retired military rifle, but it is wrong.)

Converted military Murata shotguns use 28/30/36 gauge, and civilian Murata shotguns manufactured by Murata manufacturing established Tsuneyoshi Murata used 8 gauge to 40 gauges.
Licensed models and converted matchlock guns with Murata chamber is uncertain.

Famous civilian manufacture is Kawaguchiya Firearms Company ( K.F.C.). The K.F.C. was known for manufacture of naval signal gun and line thrower, but they also manufactured lots of shotguns for civilian. Their Murata shotgun had variants of 8/10/12/16/20/24/28/30/36/40/76 gauges.

Also, this company sold lots of imported shotguns. For example:

  • Single barrel
    • Remington
  • Double barrel
    • Birmingham Small Arms
    • William & Son
  • Automatic
    • Browning Auto 5

Among them, British double-barrel shotguns and Browning Auto-5 were luxury so they were used by wealthy man who hunts as a hobby.
Also, Browning Auto 5 is also famous for Tsuyama massacre, the second deadliest incident in Japanese history.
It would be sent to armed forces during WW2, too, but there won’t be that many.

This post would be attractive for you.


The IJN apparently adopted a double barrel shotgun amd it had a bayonet lug!



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