Japanese are impossible to play even post merge becuase of br 3

just make br 3 its own br bracket, the testing ground for better at launchers, tanks, flamethrowers, all of that, but keep it out of br 1 and 2 completely, its just not fair or fun


I stopped playing Japan. Merge didn’t solve any problems that Japan had instead it got even worse than before.


This game excessively favors the U.S. military in the Pacific Theater


That’s the real problem. Not just with Japan.

Like how am I supposed to fight against KV-1 (BR3) in Pz II (BR1) and more importantly why should I do that instead of quittng?


With a BR2 stuka that has a massive bomb load

But I am playing a BR1 lineup that doesn’t have the Stuka.
Why should I face BR3 KV-1?

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Impossible to face kv1 in pacific

Soviets NEVER get pacific maps.

Also Make sure you don’t have any weapon that is above your intended BR

I don’t want Pacific.

I want to play Germany BR1 Eastern Front.

But they make me face KV-1 for some reason in my Pz II and Flakpanzer.

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This is how it works,
Providing there are enough players on BR1, you would only face these.
Then if there are not enough players, the system looks for players from BR2 or higher.

So if that happens it is going to be an exception.

Still, you can throw your explosives under it or use tank mines.
There is always a way.

As an example, you can equip one infantryman with a large granade bag and use several explosives.

I know how it works.

I am surprised BR4 can’t go down to dunk on BR2, but BR3 can go have fun down with BR1.

I get you.
Maybe there’s just more people in BR4/5 at the moment …

That’s a problem with the KV1 specifically. It needs to be T4.

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These “devs are biased towards faction I don’t like” posts are getting real old.

It’s sort of a fact that the Japanese military was dramatically overmatched by the US during the war. The Japanese lineup is already mostly armed with prototypes and foreign equipment, what else can they use?

The only options are to limit the US to pre-1941 equipment, or to give Japan asymmetrical advantages in map design or special abilities.

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Honestly when the M2 carbine went to the BR5
There is no serious imbalance in the infantry weapons of the Japanese and American armies
The current serious problem lies in vehicles, tanks and aircraft. The US military has an overwhelming advantage.
Just need to slightly weaken or change the gear, and there will be no problems in the Pacific

I don’t resent a little perk or special weapons given due to game balance, just as the Americans got their jumbo and M2 carbines in Normandy, or the current American army facing the German army in BR5 has less manpower consumption and faster capture time

But I don’t see these balances in the Pacific Ocean

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It actually can. I just had a round where I (BR2) saw a fucking T34 85 D5T (BR4). I´m so motherfucking sick of having someone downtier in every fucking round I play.

If you touch them the normandy mains will complain because the already suffer so much…

I don’t think so. Before the merger, the US military had the advantage in Normandy because they had powerful paratroopers, terrible manpower and the speed of occupation.
I often played as US troops in Normandy before the merger, and I won easily every time.

The US really feels like a joke right now because I’m BR3 getting smoked every German game but at the same time I’m smoking the Japanese in The Pacific. The Japanese players have actually been pretty good but HE doesn’t discriminate and makes short work of all their tanks. Maybe they just have to research the new items but America is a total bully right now (meanwhile a German just gave me a wedgie).

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You mean the one tank that is BR 4? I dont think anyone want to touch that thing voluntarily if it means seeing even stronger enemy tanks with a gun themselfs that should only be at BR 2.