Japan Small Arms Balancing Discussion Thread

Type Hei should have came with a 10 round mag, Type Otsu also should have came with 10 round mag (Even though the Otsu is really trash anyway, just would be trash with 5 more bullets, which is at least a little better). Really all these SA guns should be premium squad weapons, event squad weapons, or gold orders but whatever. I would have rather had a few more bolt actions in their place (Type 44 Carbine).

M2 Carbine should have never been added to the Pacific, Johnson Rifle should have been the weapon the Paramarine squad uses, and should have never been any campaign unlock but what can ya do.


You would think that they would have a better idea of how to balance campaign unlocks on their 6th campaign.

Apparently not.

While I’m in favor of getting rid of M2Cs in the Pacific (something that a Helper has already mentioned), this would put small arms in favor of the Japanese side again.

Japan has them.

Their guns are fine-ish for their counters apart from the whole M2 vs. M1G rip-off thing. The 20mm ATR is probably the best Anti-Tank weapon in the entire game all things considered.
Their free tanks suck though but they aint small arms I guess.

In Recent news…

Type 2 (Extended) and;
Type 99 LMG

Has been announced.

IIRC, the Type Otsu couldn’t take anything other than a 5 round magazine. Type Hei should have definitely been given 10 rounds as a campaign thing though.


Type 99 will be a Type 96 with more hit power but loses the mobility bonus it gets. Probably not worth replacing your Type 96s for them.

Doesn’t the type 96 have an unusable scope? They should fix that. The type 97 with the scope is like a poor man’s fg42-2, with only slightly worse damage and dispersion, and suffering the speed penalties of lmgs.

Japan has some of the best smgs and bolt action rifles in the game, I think their lineup is very strong as far as small arms goes. Their only weakness is in semi-auto rifles and tanks, and it seems like they’re getting a few more tanks soon to fill that gap.

The type 2 extended seems over the top and will probably be the new meta SMG, but I guess we’ll see what happens there.

They removed the scope on the type 96, and TBH adding it back won’t fix the sights. The issue people are having is an issue with the design of the gun itself which isn’t a factor IRL, but becomes a factor in game due to how the camera works in game. If you can work around that, the Type 96 is probably the best LMG in the game, however I admit it can be a struggle sometimes.

Also Sig M1920 is already the most META SMG in the game, and I doubt the Type 2 will change that.

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I’d rather have the scope on the type 96, so that’s a shame they just removed it. Top loading lmgs are pretty bad for visibility, I don’t know much they could do to fix that issue.

The type 2a has the same rof, and slightly better damage than the sig, plus essentially no recoil. Add a bayonet and a 50rnd magazine and I think it will come out on top.

Not that I’m excited at the prospect, there are too many automatics in the game as it is for my taste. I prefer my wwii games to be heavy on the rifles, light on the autos, but I know I’m in the minority here

My concern with the scope is it would just make visibility that much worse because now instead of half the screen being blocked, the entire screen is blocked. You can’t really fix the visibility issue with top-fed mags due to the nature of cameras in this game either, so I jus learned to deal with it when I first got the Bren.

Sig already has effectively no recoil and a bayonet, with the bonus of a faster bullet and less dispersion making it better at actually hitting targets. I can see the Type 2 at most being a sidegrade to the SIGs at best, and IMO, it’s worse because of the dispersion thing.

Imo Is probably just a sidegrade for the type2a we already have, sig and late type 100 should be still better

The Type 2 has a 50 round mag and a bayonet so no it’s not a sidegrade to the Type 2a, it’s a direct upgrade. Are these factors enough to beat the Sig is what the issue is. I honestly don’t think so because every advantage the Type 2 gets over the Type 2a the Sig also gets, however this point can be argued. The Type 2 being better than the Type 2a is not arguable though.

Im thinking with the warthunder folder logic

You unlock type 2a you get two choice grind the sodegrade/upgrade type 2 or go directly to the sig

simply moving the camera back on Type 96 (and Vickers-Berthier, Besal, don’t remember if Brens suffered from this) should help it immensely already.

That’s the camera position during ADS in RO2 (screenshot from IMFDB). Kinda similar situation is on the Type 99 late rifle vs Type 99 long and unused Type 99 standard rifle that have camera in a position more similar to the current Type 96 camera position instead.


You can… Actually see

Will wonders never cease.

Please give us this.

All I need to see is its sights. If the sights are better than on type 96, I will happily replace it

Devs, please stop adding more Type Hei Extended Magazine rifles to the Battle Pass. Just make it a regular unlock ffs.


Peak comedy. The lessons are never learnt.

well…prepare yourself for disappointment then

[Type 99 zooming in]

[quick tap for ADS]
You can access the gun on the mods editor
Also apparently Type 2 grenade launcher is coming at one point is already in the game but hidden with the Type 99 early rifle

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