Japan Small Arms Balancing Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about Japan’s guns.

Type 4 should’ve been paired vs Johnson or Garand, that’s it, Pacific fixed


It’s almost as if the Type Hei extended or Type Ko should’ve been an unlock instead of gold order/premium guns.


Can’t believe that having only bolt actions be a viable choice
of rifle for nearly 30 tiers does negative things to a factions player count

Who would’ve guessed?


The best gear is either imported or reverse-engineered. Don’t you just love repeating Tunisia syndrome on the 6th campaign

Well to be fair the Type 96 is one of the best LMGs in the game period and that one is almost entirely indigenous.


Statistically, yes.

If only the same could be said about its sights.

Eh, it has bayonet and the second lowest mobility penalty of any LMG only beat out by the BAR types. Just run in and hip fire and you should be golden.

if the Prototype Ultra LMG 6,5mm(also wrongfully called Automatic Hei rifle) and the Tokyo Arsenal 1938 smg ever get added they need to be on the tree, is dumb how Ko and Hei extended are behind a paywall, also add the option in the future of removing the telescopic sight from the Type 97 LMG honestly Japan is getting to the point where they only have few weapons left and we probably won’t see a lot of BP or Premium weapons unless they start putting the weapons the tree needs as Prem/BP
[This is a render of the Ultra LMG Prototype]


Or I could just… Exclusively run SMGs in the Pacific and ignore the Type 96 by slotting in FN Model 1930s

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FN doesn’t have a bayonet and SMGs can’t oneshot.

Type Ko was the worst of of the trialed guns so it makes sense it was paywalled to a degree. The Type Hei extended should have been the campaign one though. Make Type Otsu the gold order one as it wasn’t particularly good either, match the Johnson with the type 4 and call it a day. You can even make the Type 99 late a proper Type 99, or switch it with the Type Hei if you want.

Also, Type 97 has it’s scope built in due to it’s nature as a tank MG so you can’t remove it.

And the Type 96 doesn’t let you see anything.

We can cherrypick what matters all day, but between a gun you have to sit still and acquire targets for prior to shooting, versus literally any other gun where you can actually see where you’re shooting, none of the pluses on the Type 96 would justify having to work around that simple issue.

Type 97 scope could be removed. there’s evidence of Type 97’s being used without the scope since if needed it could be used by infantry, plus there’s more surviving lmg’s than their respective scope which is interesting…also apparently Type 11 also used the same scope before Type 97 entered service
[This is from the Malay campaign]

I wish there was more of this information on English or Spanish about this

Well that’s the thing, all of these issues can be worked around to some degree, however I find it easier to work around the sight problem. If there is anything the m2 Carbine and early OBT Bren has taught me is that it is that a weapon with raw potential and poor sights is worth learning to use, as overcoming that hurdle is worth the results.

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Do you not have to actively hack off the rear mount on the Type 97 to accomplish that? Devs don’t like to add field modded weapons. Maybe it can come as a premium like the field mod M3, but it doesn’t seem like a campaign unlock gun.

eh not really the Type 97 has a detachable mechanism similar to the one needed to mount the bipod basically a…lock(? that wraps around the cooling fins

[Elevation/Winding mounting point it has a spring to retain it]
2027277540_preview_Type 97 Light Machine Gun (1)
[The handcuff looking thingy underneath the top Type 97 is the second removable mounting point]

same mechanism as the bipod used in case of having to leave the vehicle

Ok I stand corrected, the detachment thing is new to me. However, what do the sights look like when the scope is removed?

you mean Iron sights? for that we just have to trust in-game modelling
that but with some more zoom, it should be optional really some like the scope some don’t plus the iron sights on game are adjusted for 1000 meters but it can be adjusted for 200 meters so is adjustable. EDIT: better image

Type Hei extended/Type 4 Garand should be paired with M1 Garand and Jhonson, yes other said that but I need to repeat that nonsense the Dev did, how come 5rnd get to be the standard one? Which is closer? 5vs 8 or 10 vs 8?

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