Isaac Lewis’ Birthday

On October 12th, 1858, Isaac Newton Lewis was born, a talented inventor whose name is associated with not only military, but also peaceful inventions.

His most famous invention, of course, is the machine gun that bears his name with a recognizable rotating drum magazine and air-cooling.

Despite the fact that Lewis was an American, and the first interest in his weapon was in Belgium, the production of the machine gun began in England in 1915, where it was immediately adopted. Its widespread use in infantry and aviation made it a widely recognized symbol of WWI. Its successful design allowed it to remain in service until WWII.

From October 11th (13:00 UTC) to October 17th (13:00 UTC), you can get rewards for completing tasks.


Stage 1:

  • Kill 75 enemies using a machine gun.
  • Your engineering structures were used 25 times.
  • Kill 65 enemies as a machine gunner.

Stage 2:

  • Complete 6 battles.
  • Your engineering structures were used 25 times.
  • Kill 75 enemies using a machine gun.

Stage 3:

  • Win 4 battles.
  • Kill 75 enemies using a machine gun.
  • Kill 80 enemies as a machine gunner.


  • Tasks can only be completed in Squads mode.
  • Tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC.
  • Tasks can be completed simultaneously.
  • There is no purchase phase after the event.
  • Uncollected rewards will disappear when the tasks change.

A machine gun related event…
You know I need to ask, right?


Tommy mod can we get XP in it and level up and do stuff for the event in his mod instead of playing public matches ?

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Machine guns go pew pew pew! Except for when the enemy is at a lower elevation, and the machine guns have no downward angling to engage them :joy:


…where free Lewis gun?


This is gonna be a bit hard for me cause for some reason it just hard k? but not the worst quest i admit

Nice historical date event!

I’ll have to use my good old Moscow Lewis mg gentlemen to complete it, you know, stay in the theme.


Soooo salty my brits dont have this one…


that a really nice gun got my hand on it a couple of month ago really fun to use ngl

just a question. Does the gun come with the Isaac Newton? Like a gold order soldier?

Zombie or skeleton? Which one do you prefer more?


hey wait there. Isn’t that the weapon of the Moscow Premium Squad? I paid for this gun

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I remember 2 years ago, I kept petitioning for a gold order Lewis mg, for my Commonwealth gentlemen. I didn’t care if it were to be inferior to any other lmg in game. I wanted it (and the Maxim for Soviets but that’s another story).

Then they released this premium squad with Soviets gentlemen (using a Lewis mg de facto turns ppl into gentlemen), which was the next best thing.

And who would’ve thought? Thing in Enlisted can be used like a very hard hitting assault rifle. Ridiculously deadly.

But who am I to complain, eh? :smile:

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There’s lot repeated premiumsn as free progression in other campaigns.

well we dont get the gun in this event only order which is kinda sad for me since i want it a lot

yea just like the owen and Arisaka
note: i swear i saw a premium russian squad using arisaka once


Thank You!!!.. For helping newbies, and those of us blinded by bloodlust, to see the fun and importance of using your engineers.

I’m not sure if this weapon is an event reward (I would have to read the news)

As far i know, something about them in works


Good to hear this.
At least things are moving.

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