Important addition to the Tone Mapping changes

In our first devblog about the massive graphical improvements, we mentioned the changes to tone mapping - how the eyes adapt to light and dark. In the upcoming “Rzhev” update, visibility in darker areas will be significantly improved.

However, we didn’t have the time to fully complete the work on this improvement for the previous devblog, so we couldn’t showcase the full potential of this technique. We’re now making up for this. You can compare how much easier it will be to navigate even the darkest environments:


I liked the darkness, but I understand some people needed this change very badly.


Night battles when?
Also 4 minutes ago is crazy, I feel like a no life now


ok that pretty nice

Sometimes we amazed by reaction from our community on our announcements. We posted a sec ago and already there is some messages left by players с:


only because i see it being update the moment i refresh

You can mess around in the settings to make it send notification to you.




it look nice.

I do wonder if this is related to the game freezing the computer after loading. An issue I only had for the first time a couple of days ago

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Honestly, I like the darker one, it looks more realistic, everyone should use to avoid disadvantages, that should be a non-modifiable parameter, the same thing always happens in games, immersion is lost for comfort, it’s a shame


I think both look realistic but the image on the right can look a little flat without contact shadows which I think is why some people are a little less impressed. Still happy for the lighting changes, the game looks very crisp now at max settings.

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Nice, i can finally play the caves map in the pacific.


we follow what you folks are doing very closely, be proud about that, we love you more than we like to show.


Figuring that you are able to change the daylight and weather settings in the video replay system, I have adjusted some of my video clips to be in the late evening or early on some snow, maps, with weather changes and I think it is very cool.

Someone made a post that I had commented on a couple days ago about night. If the developers were able to add Candela and lumens to lights such as street lamps, fires, and other sources of light such as headlights on tanks, or lights on the top of Sherman, I believe that night would be absolutely terrific and would be a great seller for new players as well as current veteran players such as you and myself and others.

To Normandy on a realistic setting such as early dawn or late evening (anytime tbh) As well as having a realistic overcast/cloudy rainstorm Would be very realistic to how the weather was on D-Day. Some Normandy could be nice weather the further away from the beach it is ( because days after Dday were a bit nicer, as the allied forces advanced) And maps such as Stalingrad and Moscow can be hazy skies/overcast and smog in the air.

The Pacific could be clear skies or cloudy with constant rain on some maps, to add to the dark tone effects of the reality of the Pacific theater.

Last of all, Berlin should be absolutely have more weather modifications and smog because it literally was a destroyed and bombed-out city.


personally I play with automatic hdr on windows and it’s magnificent I hope it doesn’t ruin all the tones because someone has a PC or console from 50 years ago

There is an option for hdr? Or not

A Magnavox Odyssey in good condition can be sold for a 1000$, that someone would be very happy to have a console that old in working condition.

Yes but , I hope they don’t distort the game because there are people who play with a 1060 in 720p I hate these downgrades so much that I don’t play it must be realistic if it’s dark it’s dark period stop crying

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I think the before looks much better, the before allows for good ambush opportunities Why remove the immersion of darkness?


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